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EXCLUSIVE: From Sharks to Electrocuted Fence- UFC Creator Details Crazy Initial MMA Cage Ideas

Debmallya Chakraborty

EXCLUSIVE: From Sharks to Electrocuted Fence- UFC Creator Details Crazy Initial MMA Cage Ideas

The history of the UFC is a fascinating one. It quickly evolved from being a no-holds-barred squash fight to being a proper sport. However, in the initial days, things got crazy and wild. So much so, that even the idea of an electrified cage and a moat with sharks did not seem too far-fetched! In an exclusive interview with The SportsRush, the Creator of UFC, Art Davie, detailed the reasoning behind his ideas for sharks and electric cages. 

Speaking to The SportsRush, Davie explained that in order to get the first fight to materialize, they would need a platform for the fighters to fight. Initially, the broadcasters would try to convince Davie and his team about getting a cheap boxing ring and begin the process. However, an ardent visionary the 76-year-old is, he wanted to try something out of the box. 

Thus, he proposed the idea of using a Chinese wushu mat that would be 40 feet in length. However, in order to keep the fighters confined within the mat, Davie proposed the idea of having the outer rim of the mat electrified! As soon as the medical staff heard the idea, they rejected it right away, citing it as a potential reason for cardiac failure. 

The next idea Davie proposed was to surround the fighting space with a moat. Keeping in mind Davie’s wild theories, the broadcaster commented, “What are we going to put? Sharks? Gold fish? What kind of fish are we going to put in the moat?” With both his crazy ideas being dismissed, Davie and co. were in a desperate need of a solution. Fortunately for them, they did find one. 

UFC Creator details the birth of the Octagon

Looking to come up with something entirely unconventional, the broadcasters soon started consulting with Hollywood set designers. Luckily, they stumbled upon Jason Cusson, who was already well established for his works in Hollywood. He worked up the designs and came up with five different ideas. And well, one among them got selected, leading to the birth of ‘The Octagon’. 

Reminiscing the days, Davie said, “When Rorion and I looked at that and we talked to our television partners, we realized it was perfect. It would allow the fight to be contained, it would be unique.” Thus, it is evident that every great idea goes through trials and errors. And if the intent is right, success will surely follow, no matter how crazy the initial perceptions were. Still have a doubt? Well, Art Davie proved it!

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Debmallya Chakraborty

Debmallya Chakraborty


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