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“Electrified Ring- Sharks”: UFC Creator Art Davie Reveals Wild Initial Ideas He Had for the MMA Octagon

Souvik Roy

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The UFC was a much different place during its initial years. Back then, it was just fighting without any rules. There were no weight classes or protection gear associated with UFC fights as well. However, fans may be startled to know that the UFC’s creator, Art Davie, had pretty wild ideas to make the octagon a place that regular people would refrain from. A YouTube video from the noted media house, ‘Vice‘ showcased that the former stuntman wanted to apply a few unthinkable features to the fighting area to hype up the initial UFC events.

The octagon is one of the biggest features of the UFC today. However, the development of this caged structure was also influenced by Davie. He got in touch with the noted former UFC referee ‘Big’ John McCarthy and decided that the MMA fight area would be an eight-walled cage, which we today know as the octagon.

But Davie wasn’t satisfied even after coming up with the concept of the octagon. He wanted to make the fights even more startling for the audience. Well, most fans may get startled just by knowing the ideas that he had. Davie revealed,

“I thought of some sort of a cage, but with a moat, and we could put sharks in it. Then I thought of some sort of circle. Then maybe the outer ring would be electrified.”

Well, most fans may be thankful that none of these ideas eventually materialized. Otherwise, it would have been a lot more difficult for the UFC to gain approval as a sports promotion. However, since the time Dana White took over the company, things fell into places and the UFC has come a long way to establish itself as the combat sports powerhouse. A look at the current UFC schedule will reveal that it is all set to host one of its grandest events, the UFC 300.

When and where is the UFC 300 being held?

Dana White and Co. have been hyping up the fans about UFC 300 since the end days of 2023. The UFC authorities have selected the date of April 13 for the coveted UFC PPV. It’s quite apparent that the authorities would also like to make massive revenues from the event. This is probably the reason behind Dana White and Co. selecting the coveted T-Mobile Arena for the event.

Fans may remember that the T-Mobile Arena was also the host to UFC 229, the highest-selling UFC PPV event to date. The enthralling fight card of UFC 300 might cause fans to attend the event in even larger numbers. However, nothing can be said if it will beat UFC 229 in terms of PPV sales or not.

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Souvik Roy


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