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“He Diddyed Him”: MMA Fighter Goes Full Israel Adesanya on His Opponent After Brutal Knockout, Fans React

Allan Binoy

“He Diddyed Him”: MMA Fighter Goes Full Israel Adesanya on His Opponent After Brutal Knockout, Fans React

Israel Adesanya’s celebrations are influencing MMA fighters in ways he could never expect. Celebrations in MMA are fairly new, with fighters usually just screaming and running around the cage after a knockout victory. However, the new age of fighters has brought in celebrations during their fights like the Walk-Off KO. Most recently, Alex Pereira used the Khaby Lame gesture at UFC 300 after knocking out Jamahal Hill.

With fans now catching onto this trend, a recent video from Oktagon 56 has gone viral on social media. The video showcases one of the UFC’s most disrespectful celebrations, which was invented by Israel Adesanya.

Naturally, the celebration both shocked and excited fans, and they could not stop talking about it on X

“He diddyed him”

Another user wrote that his opponent will never recover from that:

“Bro is never recovering from that”

Meanwhile, some users weren’t happy with the celebration and berated the fighter for unsportsmanlike conduct,

“Unsportsmanlike conduct and should be a disqualification.”

Likewise, a commenter called for the fighter to be banned from prizefighting:

“That guy should never be allowed to fight for money again”

Interestingly, there was even one who hoped for Karma to bite back, saying

“What a trashy way to celebrate… hope karma comes back to him”

Israel Adesanya received a lot of flak for doing something similar back in 2020. He took on Paulo Costa at UFC 253 and his celebration was uncalled for.

Israel Adesanya does a host of celebrations after knocking out Paulo Costa, drawing criticism

Israel Adesanya and Paulo Costa had a lot of bad blood going into their UFC 253 main event. The Brazilian was constantly trash-talking and disrespecting the champion.

Hence, after knocking Costa down, Adesanya made a very disrespectful humping gesture which the referee immediately rebuked him for.

Following the fight, Paulo Costa himself criticized Israel Adesanya for his celebration. The Brazilian asked him for an immediate rematch so he could avenge the disrespect.

Costa called Adesanya ‘Human trash’ and claimed he did not see the celebration when he was in the cage. However, ‘Borrachinha’ never ended up getting the rematch and went on a downward spiral after that fight.

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