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“I Wanted To Die”: Kayla Harrison Reflects on Emotional Journey from Adversity to Achieving Greatness

Kevin Binoy

“I Wanted To Die”: Kayla Harrison Reflects on Emotional Journey from Adversity to Achieving Greatness

The merger between the PFL and Bellator allowed the UFC to snap up several big names, including Kayla Harrison and Michael ‘Venom’ Page. While ‘Venom’ had his first UFC fight in March and managed to best his opponent, Harrison will be taking on Holly Holm this weekend at UFC 300.

While the 33-year-old has several notable achievements under her belt, she had to overcome a lot to come this far. During a recent interview with ‘TNT Sports’ ‘Doug’ was asked about the lowest moments of her life and how she was able to conquer them. Subsequently, Harrison revealed how she had a death wish during her teenage years, saying,

“There were points where I was a teenager where I wanted to die. I did not want to be on this earth anymore. I don’t take this for granted. I look back at my life and I was hopeless and helpless and could not see a path out of it. So for me to look back and on where I was and to see where I am now, I am passing that on. I am breaking the cycle for my family.”

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Harrison is a two-time Olympic gold medallist in Judo. She took up the sport at the age of six and has been practicing it ever since. However, unbeknownst to many, her first coach was s**ually abusive towards Harrison. In fact, she even had to endure the horrific situation for a few years before managing to report it.

Naturally, such an experience at an early age can severely impact a child, and Harrison’s success is a testament to her immense mental strength.

A closer look at Kayla Harrison’s UFC debut

After five years and multiple title defenses with the PFL, Harrison switched over and signed with the UFC. Although the 33-year-old competed at featherweight according to the PFL rules, the UFC switched her over to bantamweight. Hence, Harrison’s debut will be against former Women’s Bantamweight Champion Holly Holm.

Harrison is being viewed as a future champion due to her immense skill and dedication. She is incredibly talented on the ground and will be looking to take the fight there. Furthermore, if ‘Doug’ is able to secure a win against Holm, she will only be a win or two away from challenging for the UFC title.

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