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Islam Makhachev Exposes Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Disruptive Training Camp Start Before UFC 302

Kishore R

Islam Makhachev Exposes Khabib Nurmagomedov's Disruptive Training Camp Start Before UFC 302

‘The Eagle’ has flown into the United States 14 days ahead of Islam Makhachev’s title defense against Dustin Poirier. While having Khabib Nurmagimedov in his camp is certainly splendid, Makhachev in a recent video has revealed how Nurmagomedov “disrupted” his training camp.

Khabib has apparently working them to near death since his arrival. Reflecting on his two weeks of hell, training under Nurmagomedov, he said,

The training camp went well, everyone gave their all. We were there for more than two weeks. Khabib came to the camp, slightly disrupting the start and without any acclimatization, we immediately began training.” 

It was an absolute grind once the former lightweight champ got to camp and started training the fighters including Makhachev who will defend his belt at UFC 302 against Dustin ‘The Diamond’ Poirier in Newark, NJ.

Throwing caution to the wind, the Dagestani got the camp to commence the training without any acclimatization and started the grind from the get-go.

With ‘The Eagle’ sharing insights and Makhachev taking notes, Dustin Poirier certainly will have a long day on June 1.

Moreover, Makhachev’s striking coach in the same video also revealed what the Dagestani had planned for Poirier.

Makhachev’s coach drops a major hint – “He will show this aspect of his abilities”

Makhachev is on his way to greatness, make no mistake about it! While Nurmagomedov remained undefeated in his UFC career, Makhachev learned from his loss and started doing the hard yards to make himself a well-rounded fighter.

He is considerably ahead of ‘The Eagle’ in striking and has even flatlined the former featherweight champion, Alexander Volkanovski. Now he is up against a much bigger striker with fast hands and ballistic power – Dustin Poirier.

Compared to Makhachev, Poirier has far more experience in the cage but what he lacks is the Russian’s relentless game of wrestling. What he does have is agility and heat-seeking missiles for hands.

Sharing his insights on the upcoming fight, Magomedgadzhi Bagandov, Makhachev’s striking coach said that the bout will showcase, the Russian’s elite skill and prove that he is more than just a wrestler turned MMA athlete.

Will Islam continue his reign on the lightweight throne? Or will Dustin find a way to defeat the Dagestani titan and finish his story by winning the undisputed title?

An unstoppable force against an immovable object, this is the fight of both their lives and we are lucky to be witnessing it.

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Kishore R

Kishore R


Kishore is a UFC writer at The SportsRush. It was a YouTube video of 1989’s Fight of the Year bout between Roberto Duran and Iran Barkley that got him hooked on the thrill of the gladiator sport. Later that insatiable thirst and yearning for controlled violence got him to the defunct PRIDE FC, which was the king of MMA promotions till the Ultimate Fighting Championship broke into the scene. Along with his undying passion for the sport and his experience as a writer, penning more than a thousand articles, Kishore is amalgamating his technical understanding of the sport with his stellar storytelling prowess. From Fedor’s unrivaled reign to the newest crowning of Alex Pereira, he has been religiously following the sport and wishes to see Tony Ferguson bounce back and showcase his old swagger - “IT’S TONY TIME!”

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