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“My Son Will Be Connor Do Bronx Nurmagomedov”: UFC Fans Go Wild With Their Suggestions as Couple Name Their Child ‘Ilia Topuria’

Allan Binoy

“My Son Will Be Connor Do Bronx Nurmagomedov”: UFC Fans Go Wild With Their Suggestions as Couple Name Their Child ‘Ilia Topuria’

The Ilia Topuria fever has reached a new stage. The Spaniard has been on cloud nine ever since he became the UFC Featherweight Champion. In the last few weeks, the Spanish PM granted him citizenship, and he got mobbed by fans everywhere he went. Spain has gone into a Topuria fever with the champion receiving a lot of support. However, it went to the next level when an enthusiastic couple named their child after the champion.

The pair then got the opportunity to meet Ilia Topuria and showed him their son’s birth certificate. Although Topuria was grateful for the gesture, MMA fans did not hold back.

“my son will be called “DO BRONX””

One user stated that he named his son after Chael Sonnen:

“My kids name is Chael, is that weird?”

Another user mixed the names of Alex Pereira, Charles Oliveira, and Chael Sonnen:

“My kids name will be Poatan do Bronx P Sonnen”

One user said he would name his son a mixture of Conor McGregor, Charles Oliveira, and Khabib Nurmagomedov:

“My son will be Connor Do Bronx Nurmagomedov.”

Another user stated he would name his kid Belal Muhammad:

“Naming my kid Belal Muhammad”

One user mixed the names of several fighters to create:

“Mine will be Called Charles Hussein Ayman Ahmad Jon Jones Do Bronxs Oliveira”

Another user was surprised at what the couple did for Ilia Topuria:

“Geez man the things people be doing”

Although his victory came as a shock to many, there was one UFC fighter who knew Ilia Topuria was going to win against Alexander Volkanovski.

Gilbert Burns reveals the reason why he ‘knew’ Ilia Topuria would knock out Alexander Volkanovski

Ilia Topuria knocked out Alexander Volkanovski in the second round with a nasty right hook. The knockout did not come as a surprise to Gilbert Burns.

In an interview with Luke Thomas, the Brazilian revealed that he had seen the Spaniard do similar things to his teammates:

“This guy came here to the gym, he did half of his camp against Josh Emmett here and he knocked out three of my teammates, out, not down, with the big gloves.”

Gilbert Burns saw Ilia Topuria knock out three of his teammates with big gloves. He also saw the Spaniard take down a high-level wrestler from Dagestan.

All these factors combined made Burns think that the Spaniard would one day become champion. ‘Durinho’ claims Topuria can ‘do it all’.

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