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“Suga O’Neal”: UFC Champ Sean O’Malley’s Hilarious Basketball Moves Leave Fans Laughing

Kevin Binoy

“Suga O’Neal”: UFC Champ Sean O'Malley's Hilarious Basketball Moves Leave Fans Laughing

UFC champion Sean O’Malley often posts funny skits, when he’s not making fun of his colleagues in the combat sports community. Well, that and sometimes, he does brand endorsements too. And they are hilarious. Case in point, this new viral video of him playing basketball that has led to fans comparing him with Shaquille O’Neal… and Kobe Bryant.

In the video posted on Instagram, O’Malley is seen dribbling a ball with his back towards the basket. During the entire clip, O’Malley is being aggressively guarded by a large man who is also shirtless.

‘Sugar’ is seen sipping a drink while dribbling, making it all look so smooth and easy as he shoots one straight into the hoop. The bantamweight champion then walks off in style. You have to watch it to understand just how funny it is.


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These guys did and they have some very funny reactions.

One fan paid Sean O’Malley the ultimate compliment by saying, “Imma tell my kids this is Lebron James”

Another fan commented on the nature of the defending saying, “Bro got belly sweat all over his back now”

“If u weren’t in the nba I would say u should try ufc”– commented a fan suggesting a change of careers for O’Malley.

Another fan commented on O’Malley’s skills saying, “Suns on da phone said they need a new point guard”

A fan went a step further and compared O’Malley’s skills to four-time NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal saying, “Sugaaa O’Neal.”

Much like his hero Conor McGregor, O’Malley wants to use his UFC stardom to build a platform for himself that would allow him to become a multi-millionaire. Now, while McGregor chose fine Irish whisky, O’Malley’s poison of choice has been social media.

Sean O’Malley reveals his success from social media

In a recent podcast with Bradley Martyn, O’Malley revealed the perks of utilizing social media. He stated that his goal was to retire as a multi-millionaire from the UFC  and that the company pays him extremely well. However, he also revealed an interesting piece of information that might have fans shocked.

O’Malley paid more in taxes last year than he made from his fight with Aljamain Sterling. YUP!

While the 29-year-old has already made a lot from the UFC, he has earned triple that amount from social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Well, while hustling to get richer is a great idea, wouldn’t it be nice if your boss just paid you fair wages since, you know, you get kicked in the head for a living? That’s a debate we will continue to have for a very long time.

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