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“That Could Make Sense”: UFC Star Sean O’Malley Speculates the Raid at Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ Home a Cover-Up for ‘Higher Authorities’

Allan Binoy

“That Could Make Sense”: UFC Star Sean O’Malley Speculates the Raid at Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Home a Cover-Up for ‘Higher Authorities’

Sean O’Malley chimed in on the Diddy conspiracies. Sean Love Combs, better known as P. Diddy or Diddy, is an American rapper who has been all over the news lately. The authorities recently raided the rappers’ home in connection with several civil lawsuits against him in the last five months. Since then, the internet has not stopped talking about the raids and the accusations on Diddy with many coming up with conspiracy theories.

Sean O’Malley seems to be the latest to jump on the conspiracy ship regarding the raids. The UFC bantamweight champion thinks there is a different reason for the raids. In the latest episode of the TimboSugarShow, ‘Sugar’ spoke out about the situation and said,

“When they were raiding the homes, it wasn’t like to find what’s Diddy doing, but it was to protect all the higher-ups that were blackmailed and they were on camera…I’m like f*ck that could make sense.”

Sean O’Malley believes that the raids on his house were not to convict Diddy himself. They were to protect the image of the higher authorities involved with the rapper. Multiple conspiracy theories claim that Diddy’s parties had a lot of illegal things going on. The rapper used them to blackmail authorities, who he would invite over.

Soon after commenting on Diddy, O’Malley quickly turned his attention to another controversy which involved the UFC heavyweight king, Jon Jones. ‘Sugar’ went on to talk about the Jon Jones situation with a drug testing officer. The champion could relate to Jones.

Sean O’Malley relates to Jon Jones when it comes to drug testing officers randomly showing up

Jon Jones recently got into a lot of hot water over allegations that he assaulted and verbally threatened a drug testing officer who showed up at his house. However, soon after the incident, Jones tweeted about the same, clearing the air on the rumors that were circulating about his arrest.

Reacting to the news, Sean O’Malley opined that he could relate to how Jones felt about the officers showing up at odd hours as it creates a lot of frustration for fighters enjoying their time off. He said,

“I’ve woke up and been so f*cking annoyed and mad at those guys, but I’ve always been able to put it into perspective like they’re just doing their job.”

However, Jon Jones has since cleared up the situation by sharing a video of the agents leaving his house. The UFC Heavyweight Champion gives them a high five and a pat on the back as they leave.

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