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“That’s the Only Way”: Justin Gaethje Is Not Changing His Fighting Ways Despite ‘Getting Put to Sleep’ at UFC 300

Kevin Binoy

“That’s the Only Way”: Justin Gaethje Is Not Changing His Fighting Ways Despite ‘Getting Put to Sleep’ at UFC 300

Justin Gaethje’s loss at UFC 300 does not take anything away from his excellence as a fighter. In fact, his fight against Max Holloway produced one of the most exciting moments in UFC history as both contenders kept swinging until Gaethje hit the floor unconscious. The loss derailed Gaethje’s two-fight win streak and a shot at the UFC title. Yet, ‘The Highlight’ has insisted that he still has a lot to give to the sport.

Following his loss, Gaethje posted an update on his social media that he was fine and spending time with his family and loved ones. Still, it did not take long for him to speak out about his preferred fighting technique, as in an interview with MMA Knockout he said,

“I mean, [it] was certainly a war… especially getting put to sleep like that. Yeah, but I’m not done. I’m gonna fight in the future – and that’s the only way that I fight. So even if I wanted to change how I fight, it’s really not possible. And so the next time I step in there, you know, the best live show on Earth.”

Gaethje’s fights are always exciting because he chooses to be on the offensive at all times. Although this results in him absorbing a lot of damage, he can dish it out as well, and this leads to stunning knockouts like the one against Dustin Poirier.

Throughout his UFC career, Gaethje has been in several fights where he has sustained a lot of injuries Such fights significantly decrease the time left in the sport for the athlete. However, it does not appear to faze Gaethje at all based on his recent comments.

Justin Gaethje speaks on gloves getting rid of eye pokes in MMA

Before the UFC 300 fight, the UFC debuted new gloves that were designed to prevent eye pokes. Unfortunately, the method did not work in Gaethje’s favor, as Holloway accidentally eye-poked ‘The Highlight’ twice.

Although the pokes were pretty severe, they weren’t enough to stop Gaethje from carrying on. While speaking to MMA Knockout, ‘The Highlight’ stated that he does not think there will ever be a glove that will completely eliminate eye pokes, especially if they’re open-finger gloves. However, he did admit that certain designs can reduce eye pokes significantly more than others.

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