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UFC Champ Sean O’Malley Shares Terrifying Encounter of Police Pointing Shotgun at Him After False Report of Parents’ Murder

Allan Binoy

UFC Champ Sean O'Malley Shares Terrifying Encounter of Police Pointing Shotgun at Him After False Report of Parents' Murder

Sean O’Malley was the latest victim of ‘Getting Swatted’ by the police while livestreaming. For the uninitiated, ‘Getting Swatted’ is when a viewer from the stream calls the cops on you, who then mount a full-scale raid. O’Malley recently talked about the trauma of having 4 shotguns pointed at him.

Here’s how it works. The viewers track down the IP address of the streamer, then pass on the information to the police making false claims of gunshots, or murder. The police, as they do in the US, are ready and armed to confront the situation, and rush in with full force, not knowing there is no threat.

It has happened with popular streamers like Adin Ross, Kai Cenat, and even IShowSpeed. In a recent podcast episode of the TimboSugarShow, Sean O’Malley spoke about getting swatted and how terrifying it was,

“I f*cking walk out, I was nervous, I was like I’m just going to listen I could get shot. I got f*cking shotguns pointed at me, AR’s from like four different cops, I was just kinda nasal breathing.”

Sean O’Malley spoke about how the cops had to put him in handcuffs and detain him to ask him some questions. Luckily for ‘Suga’, a few cops that showed up, recognized him.

He stated that from that point on, the situation de-escalated a lot. The calls to the police had actually claimed that O’Malley had killed his parents and that there was an active shooter in the location.

While this might have been a close encounter, it wasn’t the only strange O’Malley experience. The UFC champion recently got on FaceTime with Ryan Garcia and agreed to a fight.

Sean O’Malley agrees to an MMA fight followed by a Boxing match against Ryan Garcia

Sean O’Malley and Ryan Garcia have been going back and forth for weeks now. It all started off with Garcia claiming he could beat O’Malley in MMA. This, of course, fuelled, O’Malley who knows fighting Garcia could be a payday like never before, win or lose doesn’t even matter here.

In a recent episode of BS w/ Jake Paul, the YouTuber put O’Malley on FaceTime as Garcia sat in the seat next to him.

“45 (145 lbs) works but what will we box at? Because I’ll beat you in MMA easy and then we can box.”

Sean O’Malley and Ryan Garcia verbally agreed to a two-part fight, the first being an MMA fight, followed by a boxing match. Garcia even claims he reached out to Dana White regarding the fight. But nothing can be confirmed till both fighters put pen to paper and sign a deal.

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Allan Binoy


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