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UFC Legend Mark Coleman Shares Story of Mother Mistaking Rescue for ‘5 A.M. Instagram Video’ During House Fire

Kevin Binoy

UFC Legend Mark Coleman Shares Story of Mother Mistaking Rescue for ‘5 A.M. Instagram Video’ During House Fire

Mark Coleman’s spectacular act of bravery made headlines just a few weeks back. The former UFC champion ran into a burning house to rescue his parents, putting his own life on the line. While his parents were safe, Coleman, unfortunately, could not save his pet dog. On top of that, the burns caused him serious injuries and he required intensive care in a hospital to recover.

Recently, Mark Coleman joined Daniel Cormier for an interview on his YouTube Channel. The discussion soon turned towards Coleman’s incredible rescue, and once Cormier asked him for details, ‘The Hammer’ said,

“They were way back in the back (his parents). I opened the door, ‘Mom Dad’ yelled that a few times. I got a voice and they don’t respond. And immediately the sickest feeling ever. I thought they were already dead from the smoke or whatever. Finally, my mom says ‘What’. She thought I was doing a five am Instagram video being in the house for a live so it was some cool shit. She thought I was just going at her.”

Coleman further mentioned that once he saved his parents from the house, he realized that his dog was not by his side. That was when he charged into the house again, even though the smoke and fire had intensified massively.

After searching for a few minutes, Coleman realized that he would lose his life if he did not escape. Hence, with a heavy heart, he took the difficult decision of leaving his dog behind.

UFC felicitated Mark Coleman and his bravery at UFC 300

Thankfully, the MMA community came together for Mark Coleman during these tough times. A fundraiser to cover the former champion’s hospital expenses raised over $120,000. In addition to this, Max Holloway suggested in an interview that Coleman should wrap the belt around the winner of the BMF fight between him and Justin Gaethje.

The UFC obliged and Coleman was seen walking out with his daughters with the BMF belt prior to the fight. Once the fight was done, he wrapped the belt around Holloway, who won with a stunning knockout fit for a ‘BMF’.

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