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UFC Star Offers to Wear Conor McGregor’s Face on Shorts in Exchange for Sponsorship

Kevin Binoy

UFC Star Offers to Wear Conor McGregor's Face on Shorts in Exchange for Sponsorship

UFC fighters were allowed to display their own logos alongside their sponsors on their kits. However, that changed once the UFC signed a deal with Reebok. Now, UFC fighter Marlon Vera wants to bring back sponsorships by partnering with the UFC’s biggest star, Conor McGregor.

Marlon Vera recently appeared on the latest episode of the ‘Jaxxon Podcast’ hosted by Rampage Jackson and Luke Rockhold. During the podcast, the three men were debating on McGregor’s net worth and his potential billionaire status. While doing so, Vera had an interesting proposition for ‘Mystic Mac.’ He said,

“I am going to ask him to sponsor me. Come on Conor. In the UFC? Oh I could put his face on my shorts. Come on.”

Conor McGregor has been known to sponsor several combat sports events through his various companies. His prized possession, Proper 12, is seen on the canvas in some of the biggest boxing events of the year.

Unfortunately for Vera, despite McGregor’s influence in the sport and the UFC, it is highly unlikely that the promotion will allow the Irishman to sponsor individual fighters. However, McGregor does sponsor several UFC events and his logos have often appeared on the center of the octagon. So, how big is The Notorious’ business empire?

A closer look at Conor McGregor’s business empire

‘The Notorious’ leveraged his fame in the UFC well to venture into businesses outside the octagon. Currently, the prized possession in his portfolio is his Irish Whiskey, Proper 12, which he launched prior to his fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229. In addition to this, McGregor has his own restaurant as well as a clothing line and is involved in fight promotion.


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Most recently, ‘Mystic Mac’ entered the world of BKFC as a part owner of the promotion. Naturally, his involvement in multiple businesses along with the massive paydays he receives in combat sports, has put him on track to achieve billionaire status. If he can do so, McGregor will join a small team of sports billionaires, which includes Tiger Woods and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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