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UFC Veteran Deems Vince McMahon’s Two-Day WrestleMania Concept as ‘Worst’

Adarsh Ojha

UFC Veteran Deems Vince McMahon’s Two-Day WrestleMania Concept as ‘Worst’

For generations of wrestling fans, there has been no figure more omnipresent than Vince McMahon. For over four decades, Mr. McMahon expanded the three-letter company and turned it into a billion-dollar phenomenon thanks to his genius. From transforming a niche sport into a worldwide sensation with interesting storylines to creating iconic superstars and events like WrestleMania, WWE has done it all. However, according to UFC veteran Chael Sonnen, the recent idea of a two-day WrestleMania, which McMahon introduced a few years ago, is something he considers to be the worst concept of the WWE founder’s career.

After retiring, Sonnen has taken to making videos where he talks about upcoming fights and makes predictions. Given that the WrestleMania event is around the corner and with The Rock headlining, Sonnen shared his excitement in a recent video. However, he was quick to claim that McMahon’s idea of a two-day event was one of his worst concepts, saying,

“Two years ago Vince McMahon announced that WrestleMania was going to be a two-day event. Now of all the ideas Vince has had in my estimation, that was amongst the worst.”

The UFC veteran provided a reason for his opinion, as he said that from a business standpoint, he believes WWE is just cashing in on the money from the fans. Sonnen added that despite the event having a party-like atmosphere, where fans mingle with friends and family while watching, he found it strange how McMahon thought he could do it for two days in a row.

Chael Sonnen also stated that this shows how WWE is blatantly signaling to the fans that they want their money. In contrast, no other sports organization does something like this, nor has it ever been considered acceptable.

UFC Veteran Chael Sonnen Reveals The Rock’s Motive Behind WrestleMania Comeback

No doubt, The Rock is one of the biggest figures to emerge from WWE. Despite earning riches and fame in Hollywood, the question of why he’s making a WWE comeback has been on everyone’s minds. In the video, Sonnen mentioned that The Rock’s WWE comeback isn’t about money, or his need to fight. Instead, it’s about the electrifying feeling of performing live in front of thousands of fans.

Sonnen mentioned that it is impossible to replace the experience of walking out to a packed arena and fighting in front of fans. So in layman’s terms, The Rock came back to wrestling just to experience the cheers of the crowd once again.

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