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What Does ‘Chama’ Mean: UFC Champion Alex Pereira Decodes the Meaning Behind His Popular Slang

Kevin Binoy

What Does ‘Chama’ Mean: UFC Champion Alex Pereira Decodes the Meaning Behind His Popular Slang

The main event at UFC 300 will feature a light heavyweight clash between Jamahal Hill and Alex Pereira. Despite the upcoming match, the two champions have maintained a cordial relationship and were quite friendly during their first interaction before the event. The two men ran into each other while carrying out media duties, and Hill even asked Pereira the meaning behind a common slang he uses.

Among the many terms that Alex Pereira uses on social media, ‘Chama’ is probably the most frequent. Hill probably had this on his mind when the two men ran into each other during fight week. In the video posted by ‘CombaTalk‘ Jamahal Hill was seen asking Alex Pereira what the word ‘Chama’ meant. The Brazillian immediately set the record straight by revealing that it meant,

‘Let’s go’.

Light heavyweight champion ‘Poatan’ has become a fan favorite thanks to his online personality as well as his performances inside the octagon. Once he enters the ring, Pereira is one of the most devastating knockout artists the UFC has ever seen.

However, outside the ring, Pereira maintains a poker face which in itself has become popular amongst fans. While a lot of fighters prefer to trash talk and promote themselves aggressively, ‘Poatan’ has adopted a different approach. Instead of insulting his opponents. Pereira believes he can win fans over with his charm.

This has worked wonders for the Brazillian as the promotion believes him to be capable of headlining a massive event like UFC 300. Interestingly, while the 36-year-old’s expressionless face has become a common template for memes, the Brazilian star has often claimed that he does not like to smile much.

A closer look at Jamahal Hill vs Alex Pereira

While ‘Poatan’ has managed to win both out of his last two fights, Hill is entering the bout on the back of a four-consecutive win streak. In fact, Hill never lost his belt in the octagon, but instead had to relinquish it because of an injury. Besides, what makes this fight more interesting is that both fighters are identical in height and reach.

Although the face-off is extremely unpredictable, the common consensus believes that Hill will have a higher chance of winning if the fight drags on for several rounds. However, Pereira has shown that even in the very last round, he has brutal knockout power. This was on display against Israel Adesanya at UFC 281.

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