Valorant Jett Nerf : Tailwind to have12 second window in which Jett can dash after Valorant 4.08 Patch

Pranav Shetty
|Published April 20, 2022

Valorant 4.08 Patch Notes : Jett’s Tailwind has been nerfed in VALORANT patch 4.08, nerf details and reasons.

VALORANT devs have been working a lot on maintaining agent balance to ensure they can “protect the core tactical promise of VALORANT”. They do not aim for a 50/50 balance to ensure the game doesn’t become formulaic. For the longest time, Jett has been a sure pick in pro play and competitive play.  This update aims to bring back some balance to the duelist meta.

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Nerf Details


  • After a little wait, pushing the ability key initiates a 12-second window in which Jett is enabled to dash on the next button press.
  • Her window will expire if she decides to dash or not dash at all (after 12 seconds), the ability can be regained after two kills.

Reason for the nerf

  • Some of Jett’s impacts had pushed beyond VALORANT core tactical cycle in “worrisome ways”.
  • Before the update, Jett’s dash had no prerequisite, this gave her a huge advantage over other agents. She could escape a situation without “intentional decision making”. This enabled her to take space or hold ground with ease without having to “commit to her ability”. No agent could match this play pattern and this allowed Jett mains to exert an extreme amount of pressure, at times oppressive, especially in pro play.
  • Jett’s Tailwind ability allowed her to be complacent with her decision making since she had an instant dash in her arsenal to get her out of any situation.
  • VALORANT devs have tried to retain her aggressive power but have reduced her Op power on defence.

Fans’ reactions have been like two sides of a coin. Jett mains seem disappointed with this update while other players seem happy since they need to worry less about a Jett main with an Op while attacking and oppressive Jett mains who carry the game while defending.

Chamber pick rates are expected to go up since he is the only agent now who can instantly escape while using an Op from the most absurd points on the map.

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