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VALORANT Patch Notes 1.08: List of all the new updates in Valorant.

Karan Bahuguna
|Wed Sep 16 2020

VALORANT Patch Notes 1.08: The latest Valorant Patch Notes have some updates with regards to agents, weapons and some Map Rotation changes.

The updates are relatively light with regards to the previous patch update. However, there are some major updates done with an agent as well as some major weapon buffs to counteract the Operator’s effectiveness. Here are the changes included in the update.

Agent Changes

  • Agent Updates: Raze’s blast pack has had some changes done with regards to its detonation capability.
  • The initial damage within a 0.2-meter radius has been reduced to 15 .
  • The minimum damage of the blast pack is now 5.
  • Once the satchel lands, it will arm after 0.5 seconds. This increases its maximum damage to 50.
  • Shooting the blast pack will cause it to detonate.
  • The satchel no longer deals damage to allies.

Weapon Changes

  • The Guardian has been buffed in many different ways:
  • The price of the Guardian will now be 2400 compared to its original price of 2500.
  • Improved weapon recovery or reduced weapon recoil from .35 after 3 bullets to  .2925 after 3 bullets.
  • Improved rate of fire from 4.75 to 5.25 RPS(rounds per second).

Map Rotation Changes

Matchmaking queues have been changed so that players:

  •  have a better chance of playing maps that they hadn’t played recently.
  • have a much lesser chance of playing the same map several times in a row.

Quality of Life changes

  • Observers will now see a timer rather than their screen being obscured when observing a player who is blinded.
  • Improvements in Minimap performance.

Bug Fixes

  • The bug in which Prime Levels 2-4 were not playing the correct VFX is now fixed.
  • A bug in which the End of Game screen would display a “Still processing” message, and then wouldn’t that match in Career tab is now fixed.
  • A bug where “High Skill Disparity” would display on the screen in Custom Game Lobbies is now fixed.

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