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Vince McMahon wants to bring back Alberto Del Rio

Gokul Nair

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Several stars have been released by the WWE  as of late and one of the major names to be released was Alberto Del Rio back in 2016.

Del Rio did not depart the company on good terms as he was suspended twice on the offence of violating the company’s policy on drugs and his then relationship with young promising talent Paige was not taken well by thee senior WWE officials.

The Mexican has been through a lot ever since his departure, Del Rio ventured into several directions by trying his luck at MMA with Bellator and also opened up his own line of restaurants before signing with Impact Wrestling.

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The former WWE superstar continued to make the headlines even after his departure through several controversies.

The star was brought back in 2015 for a second run through a dominant fashion, by defeating John Cena clean to win the United States Championship. Del Rio was further part of the League of Nations faction, which faced The New Day at WrestleMania 32.

Del Rio was suspended for a 30-day period after failing to comply with the company’s Wellness policy, and chose to walk away and let his contract expire.

As per recent reports, Vince McMahon wants to bring the Mexican back despite rough patches between the company and the star. Sources state:

“There has certainly been rumblings of interest from the WWE and believe this or not I have heard there is rumblings of interest in an Alberto El Patron’s return.

“From what I understand, Vince McMahon just loves Alberto and would love to have Alberto Del Rio back in his company. whether that happens or not, I have no idea.”

“A third stint for the Mexican star seems highly unlikely given the rumours of him signing a new deal with Impact Wrestling, but Vince is a man who gets what he wants.”

Let’s see where this goes!

Watch this space for more WWE news.

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