Virat Kohli heard saying ‘Jab India mein yeh log aayenge, tab dikha doonga’ during India vs New Zealand

Archie Blade
|Published 02/03/2020

Virat Kohli heard saying ‘Jab India mein yeh log aayenge, tab dikha doonga’ while fielding during the 2nd test of India vs New Zealand.

India crashed to yet another loss as New Zealand swept the series 2-0. Set a target of 132, the kiwis reached the target with 7 wickets to spare. Virat Kohli admitted that the visitors had been thoroughly outplayed in the series. He however, wasn’t too accepting of the defeat while fielding in New Zealand’s second innings.

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According to Indian Express, while standing in the slips, Virat Kohli was heard saying “Jab India mein yeh log aayenge, tab dikha doonga (I will show them when they come to India).” Clearly, he wasn’t taking very kindly to the series loss; his first since India’s tour to England in 2018.

He also failed to make an impact with the bat, failing to cross more than 20 even once in the 4 innings!

The Mr. Nice Guy Kohli had had enough of it. However, this was far from his only discretion of the series.

On day 2 of the 2nd test match, the Indian skipper was seen giving angry send-offs to New Zealand batsmen and on one occasion, was even caught on camera swearing at the crowd.

He was questioned by a journalist about his behaviour, to which Kohli responded by saying that he shouldn’t be asking questions without knowing the exact details of the incidents which took place on the field during the match.

We were not good enough; we didn’t play our best cricket

Kohli seemed to be a different person when he took to the press after the series loss. A much calmer statesman who was willing to reflect on his mistakes but not dwell on it.

“Acceptance is the first word. These kinds of mini phases, or these times as a team, or as an individual, you learn to process them better. It doesn’t mean that they stop coming or stop happening. You understand what you can learn from them, and put your head down and work hard,” he explained.

“We don’t have any shame in admitting we were not good enough; we didn’t play our best cricket, not even close to it,” he added.

“The only communication that has happened, and that needs to happen, is don’t forget what has happened, learn from it, and don’t delve into it too much.”

“So, it is a delicate balance. You can’t ignore it, plus you can’t delve on it every day. You can’t just keep thinking about the same thing otherwise you can’t move forward,” 

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