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Virat Kohli livid with Dinesh Chandimal for ‘Fake fielding’

Chaithanya Sagar

India captain Virat Kohli was absolutely livid with Sri Lanka skipper Dinesh Chandimal for his ‘fake fielding’ effort during Day 3 of the opening Test game at the Eden Gardens.

Sri Lanka had the tactical plans in place for India and they executed it to perfection. Lankans were spot on and stuck to their line and lengths to set a trap for Indians.

During the 52.4 over, Shanaka bowled to Bhuvneshwar Kumar who in turn, converted the short ball delivery towards the cover point for a couple of runs with Shami.

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Chandimal saw the ball racing towards the cover point and he made an effort to get his hands on to the ball but he was nowhere close to the ball that beat him eventually.

What really surprised everyone is that Chandimal made a fake fielding attempt that is deemed contrary to the spirit of cricket. Once he slid and got up, he acted as if he was going to put a throw towards the wicket-keeper’s end.

According to new ICC rules, ‘fake fielding act’ on the turf is awarded as ‘five runs as a bonus’ to the batting side as a penalty. But, things did not go down too well for Team India when the umpire Nigel Llong did not award those extra runs.

Llong just went up to Chandimal to have some words regarding the incident and just warned him. But, Virat Kohli who was watching the match at the stands was not at all happy with the way things panned out as he signalled for the extra five runs.

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