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Watch: Kelly Kelly becomes the first female WWE 24/7 champion

Archie Blade

Watch: Kelly Kelly becomes the first female WWE 24/7 champion

Watch: Kelly Kelly becomes the first female WWE 24/7 champion on the historic Raw Reunion episode.

The 24/7 championship, greeted with a lot of hostility on its debut, has now become one of the most awaited part of the WWE in recent times. Much of that has to do with R-Truth and Drake Maverick who have been engrossed in a hilarious storyline.

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The 24/7 championship is in essence the reincarnation of the Hardcore championship introduced in the Attitude Era. Much like its ancestor, the 24/7 championship is open to all competitors including female competitors. However, none of the female wrestlers even attempted to chase the championship let alone win it.

Many conspired that Carmela would turn her back on R-Truth to win the championship. Some assumed it would be Renee Michelle, Drake Maverick’s wife. In the end it turned out to be neither of the two. The WWE did make it seem like it was coming earlier in the night though.

Renee got into R-Truth’s face and blamed him for ruining her wedding and honeymoon. Carmela then confronted Michelle. Maverick took advantage of the distraction and pinned Truth for the championship.

However, his reign didn’t last long as he dropped the title to WWE hall of famer Patt Patterson,

Who in turn lost the title to Gerald Brisco, yet another WWE hall of famer. It seemed as though Brisco would take the title with him through the night. However, another challenger lay hiding behind smiles. Brisco approached another returning star in Kelly Kelly, who greeted him with her bright smile. Kelly then kneed him in his stomach and pinned him to become the first ever female WWE 24/7 championship.

Watch: Kelly Kelly becomes the first female WWE 24/7 champion

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