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Watch: WWE crowns its first ever pregnant champion

Archie Blade

Watch: WWE crowns its first ever pregnant champion

Watch: WWE crowns its first ever pregnant champion in a very bizarre fashion as they inch closer to one of their biggest Pay per Views- SummerSlam.

The WWE likes to tout itself as a place where everything that can happen, will most likely happen. We’ve had women beating men and vice versa. People have been thrown over bridges and people have been caught in explosions just to come back next week like nothing happened (here’s looking at you Vince). However, surely no one ever envisioned a pregnant woman become champion in the promotion. That is exactly what happened on tonight’s episode of Raw though.

Raw opened tonight with R-Truth and Carmella taking on Drake Maverick and his wife Renee Michelle in a Mosh Pit Mixed Tag Team match. The stipulation of the match was if Carmella or Michelle scored the pinfall, their respective male partner would win the title. Furthermore, the 24/7 rule was momentarily suspended.

All in the family

The ending of the match saw Truth pin Maverick after a superkick from Carmella. With the match concluded, the 24/7 rule came back into effect. Meaning, several superstars entered the ring and piled on top of Truth. The official counted the champion’s shoulders to the mat and from the pile emerged Mike Kanellis, who won his first title in WWE.

Celebrations didn’t last long though as he lost his championship later in the night. To his wife, off all the people!

Later in the Show, Maria Kanellis, talked down her husband before demanding he lay down for her. Mike begrudgingly did what she asked of him. Maria placed her foot on his chest to win the championship and became the first ever pregnant champion in the process.

Watch: WWE crowns its first ever pregnant champion

She strutted out of the room as soon as she won the 24/7 championship and began boasting of her accomplishment. She then berated Titus O’Neil, daring him and everyone else to pin her before reminding them that she was pregnant.

Where does the championship go from here?

Looks like the WWE have some plans for the Kanellis family. Does this mean that R-Truth and Drake Maverick, two stars who carried the 24/7 championship to where it is today, will no longer feature in the title picture? Only time will tell. Till then, we will have to wait and watch.

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Archie Blade

Archie Blade


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