WATCH: Mason Bennett scores remarkable twisting volley and it’s out of the world

Sudarshan Venkatesan
|Published March 06, 2019

Watch the video of Mason Bennett scoring a remarkable twisting volley against Wigan Athletic. 

Derby County are in a conundrum about securing the qualification to the Premier League, but they are not dropping points at the decisive moments which might provide them a glimmer of hope to play the English top division next campaign.

The Championship outfit are currently 6th in the league table and overcame a massive hurdle by beating Wigan Athletic 2-1 at Pride Park Stadium on Tuesday in a late encounter. The visitors took the lead in the first half through Gavin Massey, but that was canceled out by a remarkable twisting volley from Mason Bennett in the second half to put Frank Lampard’s Rams on level parity.

The forward did not care about taking the first choice. He rather squeezed the ball in from an improbable angle with a remarkable twisting volley.


Here is the goal of Mason Bennett who found the back of the net in an unexplainable manner.

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Fans were lauding in praise for that spectacular improvised overhead kick which resulted in a goal.

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Following this game, Scott Malone added one twelve minutes before the full time to compare an impressive comeback and secure their 15th victory of the season.

It did not take too long for the poll to start running on Twitter. Having already witnessed Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s strike against Sunderland, Olivier Giroud’s goal versus Crystal Palace, fans felt that Bennett has won the contest between these three.

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It was a great goal and Frank Lampard was quick to pinpoint that goal and laud praise about the strike.

“Mason’s strike was incredible and I was saying the last time I felt like that at a game was the Champions League final when Gareth Bale scored the overhead kick.” he said.

“I think that goal was similar in terms of the adjustment at the last second and to score from an impossible angle is a special goal for Mason and he should savour it.

“Some cynical people will say he didn’t mean it but I think he certainly did, the intention was there and his adjustment in the millisecond made that goal possible.”

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It seems impossible to finish in the top two spots, but the 40-year-old was delighted to come away with all three points which mattered the most. Besides, he asks the fans to stick with the club because the young set of players needs time.

“When you’re in difficult form and things are going against you, it takes character and fight to get out of it. This is as proud as I’ve been this season.”

“I understand that recent history says that we start well and then don’t do so well. There are negative people very close to the club, but even when it’s tough, we have to show that we’re together.”

“We have a young, transitional team. People expect it to be rosy and that we’ll win every week – it doesn’t work like that.”

“When Sheffield Wednesday come here, we start again. The fans were great and it’s important that we are all together. It’s easy when you’re winning at Manchester United, but it’s hard when it’s a difficult patch.”

“I massively appreciate the support and the players do as well. We have a responsibility to the fans and they stuck with us. If we’re going to be successful, we all have to be together.” said Lampard.

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