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“No Logo 3s Against Me”: Nika Muhl’s Media Day Comments Resurface Following 1st Game vs Caitlin Clark

Raahib Singh

“No Logo 3s Against Me”: Nika Muhl’s Media Day Comments Resurface Following 1st Game vs Caitlin Clark

Nika Muhl has finally made her WNBA debut, after struggling with Visa issues for the past few weeks. And, it couldn’t have come at a better time. The Storm hosted the Fever for their 1st matchup of the season, and that meant a rematch of Nika’s Final Four battle with Caitlin Clark. Whilst the game might have failed to give the fans what they wanted, a heartfelt clip of Nika talking about Caitlin on Media Day would surely make up for it.

Popular analyst LaChina Robinson uploaded a clip from the Storm Media Day on her X (formerly Twitter), before the Fever-Storm matchup. Robinson asked Nika if she had a message for Caitlin, and Muhl replied,

“Caitlin, my girl, I miss you so much. I love you. Hopefully, we both make the team. Can’t wait to see you and play against you. No logo 3s against me, no logo 3s. Love you, Caitlin!”

Sadly we didn’t get to see much of their matchup tonight as Muhl played a mere 2 minutes and 39 seconds. However, when she was on the court, Caitlin did splash a mean stepback three on her fellow rookie.

This shot might have been on Caitlin’s mind ever since the Final Four matchup, or perhaps after she saw Muhl’s Media Day clip. Either way, whilst Clark got her highlight, Muhl was the one who walked away with the win this time. Post-game, both the rookies spent some time together.

Caitlin Clark and Nika Muhl shared an adorable moment post-game

After the hard-fought contest where the Storm beat the Fever 85-83, the star rookies shared an adorable moment on the court. Muhl walked up to Clark and met the #1 pick with a hug. They caught up, and then the clip cut to the cameraman asking them if they wanted a picture.

Initially, the two posed seriously, but then Nika wasn’t a fan. She said, “it’s too formal bro” and we were left with this adorable snap of the two.

It’s very heartening to see that even though this rookie batch has gone through their fair share of battles, they’re still a tightly-knit group. The future matchups between Fever and Storm would be interesting to watch as hopefully by then Muhl would start getting more minutes. The next two times these sides face would be on 30th May and 27th June.

Post Edited By:Hitesh Nigam

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