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Carlito Makes a Surprise Entry At Men’s Royal Rumble Match 2021

Prateek Arya

Carlito Makes a Surprise Entry At Men's Royal Rumble Match 2021

Carlito makes a shock entry at the 2021 men’s Royal Rumble match. The former multi title holder was the 8th entry of the match. 

WWE Royal Rumble promises a barrage of surprises and keeping up with the earlier flow that was witnessed in the Women’s Royal Rumble match, Men’s version saw the unexpected appearance of Carlito.

While there were speculations about the comeback of the Caribbean as he was part of the promotion of  Raw legends night, but did not come into sight at the January 5 tapping. However, with an entry at the No.8th spot in the Men’s Royal Rumble match, the apple spitter did give perspective to the surprise element of the Pay-Per-View event.

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At Royal Rumble 2021

At the event, Carlito made his way to the squared circle after almost 11 years. And after entering the ring he made an impact by inflicting Shinsuke Nakamura with a backstabber.

Carlito’s in-ring comeback remained short-lived as minutes after returning, the No.13 entry of the match Elias eliminated him. Carlito went without eliminating anybody.

Twitter Reaction On Carlito’s Return To WWE

Once a former Intercontinental and United States champion, Carlito received a rousing reception from the Thunderdome crowd and from the netizens worldwide.

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