“Here we go again” – How Vince McMahon reacted when The Ultimate Warrior demanded to squash Triple H at WrestleMania 12

Yasser Ayaz
|Published April 13, 2022

Former Head of Talent Relations in WWE, Jim Ross stated that The Ultimate Warrior once asked Vince McMahon that he squash Triple H.

Jim Ross recently recalled the incident and said that Vince McMahon immediately knew that Warrior’s attitude had not changed since his WWE return in 1996. The Ultimate Warrior was absent from WWE for four years. And when he returned, he was in talks with Vince McMahon about facing Triple H at Wrestlemania 12.

But on the day of the show, The Ultimate Warrior demanded Vince McMahon a squash match against then-rookie (Triple H) in a short match. Triple H was a rookie back then. 

Jim Ross recalled Vince McMahon’s response to the Ultimate Warrior’s demand

Jim Ross has openly criticized Warrior for his poor attitude behind the scenes. In the latest episode of his Grilling JR podcast, Ross talked about the incident and recalled McMahon’s reaction to Warrior’s last-minute demands.

Jim Ross, WWE’s former Head of Talent Relations said

“Here we go again [McMahon’s reaction]… here we go again. He [Warrior] couldn’t have a long match. He didn’t have the cardio for it. It would have been unsafe for anybody that we booked against Warrior to have him in a long match because fatigue creates mistakes.”

Bruce Prichard spoke about the Ultimate Warrior’s unusual demands.

WWE Executive Director Prichard last year talked about Warrior’s demand to Vince Mcmahon. He stated that the entrance of the Hall of Famer at WrestleMania 12 was “cool” but he did not like the fact that Warrior defeated Triple H in just 96 seconds.

Ross gave his opinions on The Ultimate Warrior’s unprofessionalism to Vince McMahon

The legendary commentator said that while most WWE Stars tried to build a sound relationship with Vince, The Ultimate Warrior never had any issues while raising concerns with his ex-boss.

Jim Ross also stated that Warrior frequently behaved unprofessionally while talking to the WWE Chairman, particularly on the day of WrestleMania 12. He said:

“It can’t be smooth, it can’t be professional. There’s gonna be something. Something has gotta change to make Warrior happy. They could have shared those philosophical thoughts, Vince and Warrior, many times prior to that Sunday. And then boom, he [Warrior] gets you by the short hairs… that’s what my grandpa would say.”

Triple H used Hunter Hearst Helmsley as his ring name at the time. In a 96 second match, Triple delivered his finisher Pedigree early, but Warrior was fast to rise to his feet. The Ultimate Warrior then delivered his trademark moves like Gorilla Press Slam and Running Splash and pinned Triple H for a win.

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