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“That’s not worthy to get on television” – Hollywood Star Freddie Prince Jr. recalls arguing with Vince McMahon over former World Champion

Yasser Ayaz
|Thu Jun 09 2022

Hollywood actor Freddie Prince Jr. recently recalled his years-old argument with Vince McMahon over Dolph Ziggler’s booking.

Popular Hollywood star Freddie Prince Jr. worked for Vince McMahon as a writer for four years between 2008 and 2012. Dolph  Ziggler a.k.a ‘The Showoff’ made his WWE debut during that time period. The former WWE writer recently recalled a past incident in regards to Mr. McMajon and Ziggler. 

The Scooby-Doo star recalled how he got into an argument with his former boss Vince McMahon for helping ‘The Showoff’ Dolph Ziggler.

Freddie Prince Jr. and Vince McMahon had a disagreement over Dolph Ziggler’s in-ring name

While talking on his Podcast Wrestling with Freddie, The ‘Boys and Girls’ star revealed that he didn’t like the name of 2-time WWE world champion Dolph Ziggler. Freddie stated that he tried his best to avoid Ziggler getting that name. Freddie Prince Jr. also disclosed that the initial name proposed for ‘The Showoff’ was ‘Dolph Diggler’. 

Recalling his altercation, Freddie stated that he couldn’t win the argument against Mr. McMahon. Vince assigned Freddie the task to produce the debut of Dolph Ziggler, the name he didn’t even like at the first point. Freddie stated:

“So, it was not a long argument. I lost quickly. I suppose my punishment for fighting the good fight was I was assigned the segment to produce the first time we’re ever going to meet this wonderfully named wrestler, superstar, Dolph Ziggler.”

The Hollywood star didn’t even like how Vince wanted Ziggler to present himself

In 2008, Ziggler introduced himself in backstage segments for multiple weeks before stepping into the squared circle. Freddie, on his podcast, revealed that Dolph Ziggler’s short backstage segments backstage were all Vince’s vision.

The Summer Catch star also revealed that Vince wanted Ziggler to simply go and deliver brief introductory segments. Freddie felt the idea was unworthy of TV time and spoke about that with Mr. McMachon. 

“So I get the segment, and Vince tells me what it’s going to be,” Freddie said. “He says, ‘he’s just going to introduce himself.’

I said, I’m laughing, ‘what do you mean he’s just going to introduce himself?’

‘Every week, he’s just going to come up and say ‘hey, Dolph Ziggler,’ and shake his hand.’

I go, ‘we’re not going to just to do that, that’s a really short segment. That’s not worthy to get on television.” Freddie said.


Freddie Prince Jr. wanted Dolph Ziggler to have a different name and an in-ring character that had more depth. On his Podcast, the Hollywood star further went on to state that he felt restricted and could do anything as everything was already planned by Vince McMahon.

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