Cover Image for “That’s the one thing that I personally didn’t like” – WWE superstar Paige reveales why she refused to re-sign with the WWE

“That’s the one thing that I personally didn’t like” – WWE superstar Paige reveales why she refused to re-sign with the WWE

Rishabh Singh
|Thu Jul 07 2022

WWE superstar Paige spills details on her refusal to re-sign with the WWE after her absence in the ring from the company for a long time.

The former youngest Divas Champion Paige recently expressed her bitter-sweet opinion about the WWE. She revealed that re-signing with the company is not on her to-do list. Although Paige wasn’t originally interested in moving on, She confirmed that there wasn’t any animosity between her and the company. According to her, WWE chairman Vince McMahon has been very accommodating to her and has kept the doors of the company open for her return at any time. 

Even though there are no hard feelings between Paige and the WWE, Paige revealed another side of the company that has left a sour taste in her mouth. On her Twitch stream, she expressed how she did not like being underappreciated during her stint in the company. While WWE has gained notoriety for botching talents, it comes as no surprise that Paige was ill-treated in the company. Back in November, Paige asked the company if they wanted her back on the show, instead of getting a positive response, she was waited out a lot only to be released. Paige emphatically claimed on her Twitch channel that the wrestling promotion did not use her to her full potential. 

She also added that she was supposed to have her contract re-negotiated in January but that did not happen. 

On Fightful, Paige revealed why she refused to re-sign with the WWE.

“That’s what I don’t like. I was sitting around for a long time. I was texting them [WWE] back in November like, ‘what’s the deal, do you guys want me to re-sign? I’d rather get the ball rolling than wait until the last minute.’ That’s the one thing that I personally didn’t like, the waiting around for no reason,” she said

Paige has had quite a career in the company. In 2014, Paige debuted in the company and defeated AJ Lee to become the youngest WWE Divas. Her career had sky-rocketed ever since. She also became the General Manager of SmackDown in 2018. She is the only woman to hold the WWE Divas Championship and The NXT Women’s Championship at the same time. 

What’s next for Paige?

On her Twitch stream, she was asked by the fans about what her next move will be to which Paige responded in jest that she would love to join AEW if the company is willing to shell out the money. Currently, Paige has taken up her Twitch channel as a full-time job. Interestingly, Paige also expressed her desire to open up her wrestling school. 

Paige has been “missing in action” for a long time. Will she show up on AEW someday?

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