Cover Image for Vince McMahon hired a former WWE diva of the Asian descent because people had a proclivity for Asian po*n

Vince McMahon hired a former WWE diva of the Asian descent because people had a proclivity for Asian po*n

Rishabh Singh
|Thu Jul 14 2022

Vince was convinced to hire a Former WWE superstar not just because of her in-ring abilities but also because she was Asian and people loved Asian por*. 

In the wake of the controversy surrounding Vince McMahon, The WWE universe is closely examining the debased character of the founder of the company. His infamy with the women he’s worked with is buzzing on the internet. Former WWE superstar Gail Kim had a moderately successful run in the WWE in 2002. She became the first-ever diva to win the Championship title in her debut match.

She was later released in 2004 when she jumped ships to TNA. There is an interesting story about how Gail Kim was hired. Initially, Vince McMahon did not want to hire Gail because of her ancestry. Although Gail is a Canadian-American woman, she is a woman of Asian descent. As racist as this is, Vince had made up his mind about not hiring her for that reason.

However, The then head of talent relations Jim Ross gave a bizarre reason to Vince McMahon that changed his mind.  Jim Ross seemingly convinced Vince to hire Gail Kim for the obvious reason, her in-ring talent. Along with that, it was the belief that because Gail was Asian, she would attract many many men as Asian women were a thing on adult sites.

Vince was shocked to learn about Asian po*n sites. This was enough to get Vince to sign her immediately. The fact that she was hired because Asian P*** was popular easily overshadows her being hired for her athleticism in the ring. What a strength on a resume! Speaking on his Ross Report Podcast, JR explained how innovative he had to get in hopes of selling Gail Kim to Vince McMahon. 

“I remember Vince said, ‘You want to hire this Asian girl, right? I don’t know, I just don’t know.’ And I said, ‘Well Vince, you know, there’s a lot of guys that like Asian women. There’s Asian por* sites.’ ”

When Gail Kim learned about this, she tweeted 

Where is Gail Kim now?

After her release from the WWE in 2004, she had a career in TNA for a couple of years until she returned to the WWE in 2008. She worked for another 3 years feuding with other divas like Maryse and Michelle McCool before her exit in 2011.

She recently spoke on the podcast Busted Open Radio and revealed that she misses wrestling and would love to do it again but her body wouldn’t allow it. She said that she itches to get back in the ring but not at the cost of worsening her back injury.

Gail Kim is currently signed to Impact Wrestling where she works as a producer.

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