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Wrestling Legend Reveals Tony Khan Is Angry With WWE After Popular AEW Star Won Championship And Jumped Ship

Rishabh Singh

Tony Khan AEW WWE

Tony Khan has been vocal about his resentment against WWE on multiple occasions. Former AEW star Dragon Lee jumping ships from AEW to WWE did not sit very well with Tony Khan. Wrestling legend Konnan has confirmed that Khan holds a grudge and is legitimately angry with WWE. Last year, WWE booked two shows on Labor weekend, which also clashed with AEW’s All Out PPV. Khan expressed his annoyance with the Stamford-based company in one of AEW’s media scrums, where he said he will not “sit back and take this f****ing sh*t”. 

AEW is, without a doubt, WWE’s biggest rival. Although WCW posed a bigger threat to WWE back in the day, Vince McMahon managed to overcome the competition and acquire the company.

After WCW’s demise, a lot of other promotions came into existence such as TNA, ROH, and more but, none of them had WWE looking over its shoulder.

However, the AEW leveled the playing field for other talents since they opened their gates. But WWE still uses strategies to lure talents from AEW, much to Tony Khan’s chagrin. 

Konnan says Tony Khan is legitimately angry with WWE

Speaking on the “Keeping it 100” podcast, Lucha Libre legend, Konnan, explained why Tony Khan harbors ill will towards the WWE. According to Konnan, Dragon Lee’s AAA title win over FTR and subsequent departure from AEW for WWE has made Khan bitter.

Dragon Lee recently made his debut on the black and gold brand after jumping ship. Lee is famously known for his tenure with AEW, ROH, NJPW, and Lucha Libre AAA. 

“I can confirm to you 100 percent [Tony Khan’s anger at WWE] is real, and he was really pis**d off when Dragon Lee beat FTR,” Konnan said.

The AAA official Konnan then stated that he had to judiciously approach Khan for permission to go to WWE to induct Rey Mysterio into the Hall of Fame class of 2023. Konnan added that Khan was accommodative.

He found it logical for Konnan to do the honor for Rey Mysterio. Despite his hate for WWE, Tony Khan let Konnan make his appearance in WWE. 

“I get along with Tony but I did tell him that I’m gonna [induct Rey Mysterio in the Hall of Fame] and he said, ‘Yeah, very good, very logical,’ because he knows we’re boys.”

Tony Khan may sign a former WWE World Champion

During an appearance on Adrian Hernandez of The Bet Las Vegas & The Sporting Tribune, Tony Khan stated that he is a fan of Bill Goldberg and that he is observing his next move. Goldberg’s free agent status has piqued Tony Khan’s interest.

While speaking during the interview, Khan hinted at potentially signing Da Man to AEW. With CM Punk’s rumored return making the rounds, Tony Khan could boost his ticket sales if he pits the two former WWE stars against each other. 

“He’s a household name in pro wrestling and, certainly, that’s interesting to hear that he is a free agent. It’s something to follow, and he’s one of the biggest names in wrestling and certainly will be something else to keep an eye on for us.”

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