WWE Smackdown May 14 2019: Hits and Misses from SmackDown Live

Archie Blade
|Published May 15, 2019

WWE Smackdown May 14 2019: Hits and Misses from SmackDown Live. Here’s a look at all the segments from tonight’s show that we either liked a lot or didn’t like at all.

Miz and Roman against Shane’s Band of heels (Hit)

SmackDown opened with Roman Reigns calling the Miz Out. Shane and Elias followed suit. Shane banned The Miz from the arena. He then called out Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan. The four then attacked Roman and Miz. Luckily, The Uso’s came out running to even the odds. The faces stood tall in the end.

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Shane then announced a 4 on 3 handicap match. He threatened The Miz not to interfere or he would cancel their match. The segment was alright. It offered nothing new to the storyline though. Just felt like Raw on a Tuesday.

SmackDown Men’s Fatal four-way match. (Hit)

The first match of the night. Randy cut a short promo on how he was going to win the Money in the bank. The other wrestlers came out one by one. The loudest cheers were reserved for Finn Balor.

Randy ran the show at the start laying everyone out. All of them eventually got a chance to shine. Andrade won after hitting Finn with a Hammerlock DDT. Andrade then climbed the ladder to grab the briefcase only for Ricochet to run in and throw Andrade off the ladder and unclip the briefcase for himself.

This was an excellent TV match. It put everyone over tremendously and I can’t wait to see what these guys do together again on Sunday.

Women’s Title matches Promo (Hit)

Charlotte came out for a short little promo. She claimed that her rivalry with Becky would culminate at Money in the bank with her lifting the title.

They then played a neat promo of the Becky/Charlotte rivalry from their days in NXT right through to the main roster. It did it’s part in hyping a match we’ve seen a million times since last year.

This was followed by a Lacey Evan’s Promo. She reminded everyone that apart from Charlotte, Becky would have to face her too. Nothing new here once again. We’ve already seen and heard everything on Raw. However, this segment was still a hit, albeit barely.

Shane’s Band of heels Vs The Bloodline (Miss)

Not much to really about the in-ring action in this match. That is criminal considering the caliber of wrestlers in the match. Shane McMahon won the match for his team after a Coast to Coast.

The heels then started a post-match beat-down. The Miz came running out for the save and that was that. Rather lackluster and anti-climactic if you ask me especially after that whole unnecessary banning from the Arena thing at the beginning.

Fire and Desire Vs The Kabuki Warriors, wait who? (Miss)

Asuka and Kairi Sane came out with Paige by their Side. The former SmackDown General manager announced that the team of Asuka and Kairi Sane was now called ‘The kabuki Warriors’.

The newly named team won with a roll-up. The IIConics were at commentary but that is all. This was a throw away segment that meant nothing and led nowhere. Instead it harmed Mandy Rose’s credibility as she heads towards Money in the bank this Sunday.

The Kami Show! (Hit)

Earlier in the night, Kofi Kingston told Xavier that he was not a 100 percent fit and didn’t have to accompany him in the ring. Kofi Kingston entered the ring for his segment with KO but Owens took his time coming out.

The two began to go after each other until Sami Zayn joined in. Xavier came running to help his friend. The heels continued to have the upper hand however, Smackdown ended with Kofi seeing the heels off and standing tall. It was a decent segment. Not all that great but it did its job. It showed the disdain both these wrestlers share for each other.


This was a good show but there were just too many promos in it. Most of the segments were good and enjoyable there was no standout moment. The same can be said about the episode. It was a fun to watch but will not stand the test of time. No one will talk about this episode in a couple of weeks. With the go home shows out of the way, all that remains now is the money in the bank pay per view on Sunday.

Here are the Results of WWE SmackDown May 14 2019:

  • Andrade wins the Men’s Fatal Four-Way match.
  • Shane McMahon, Elias, Daniel Bryan and Erick Rowan win a handicap tag-team match.
  • The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka and Kairi) defeat Fire and Desire (Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville).

See you next week with another SmackDown: Hits and Misses.

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