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5 Things To Know About Jared Donaldson !

Siddharth Nair

Before the US Open began I doubt many people knew much about Jared Donaldson. But now the young rookie is the talk of the town after he stormed his way in to the third round of the US Open. Flushing Meadows has seen many great tennis prospects shine before and we may be seeing another one right now.

Read on to find some interesting facts about the latest tennis sensation, Jared Donaldson.

5) He is 19 !

Jared is barely out of high school and he is beating some of the biggest veterans the game has seen at Flushing Meadows.


He has won five consecutive matches to enter the third round and now with the prospect of facing someone in top 10 looming large, Jared has the opportunity to shine on the biggest stage of them all.

The kid from Rhode Islands is going places !

4) He turned pro in 2014 !

Two years ago at the US Open, Jared faced Gael Monfils as a wildcard entry. Though he subsequently lost that match, he showed enough promise to warrant some of the best tennis coaches in USA to take a closer look at him.


And now barely two years after turning pro, he is turning heads along the way as he stretched his winning streak to five games to enter the third round of the US Open.

Now if only he could meet Monfils again !

3) He was a fan in 2010 !

Jared started playing tennis in senior school but his interest in tennis happened much earlier.


When he was 13, his dad took him to the US Open to watch Roger Federer. That was when Jared got hooked to the game.

Now there are dads who are taking their sons to watch. The circle of life is complete.

2) No real hype !

There was no real hype about him before the US Open began because he was not the most fancied prospect from USA.


Fritz and Tiafoe were considered the two big rising stars in American tennis. Jared was third in line and frankly even a second round entry was much more than anyone expected.

Now the question remains, how far can this kid that no one believed in go in this year’s US Open.

1) He trained in Argentina !

Jared Donaldson’s style is not exactly American and that is because his style was honed on Argentine clay.


He went to Argentine a few years ago to learn tennis and that is when he shaped his game around the clay court model.

He is American but his tennis game was made in Argentina.

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