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Abhimanyu Vannemreddy wins wild card entry to Boy’s French Open

Siddharth Nair

17 year old Abhimanyu Vannemreddy created history by winning the Rendezvous a Roland-Garros in Paris last evening. By virtue of this win, Abhimanyu has earned himself a wildcard entry into the Boy’s French Open 2017.

The youngster from Karnataka, has already made a name for himself in the junior circuits in India. His stroke play and temperament have drawn praise from all quarters, as he looks set to have a very bright future in the game.

In the final, Abhimanyu faced Japan’s Hikaru Shiraish. The Indian started very strongly, and took the first game 6-1. Abhimanyu was in control in the second game as well, but Hikaru fought back and won the game 6-4, taking the match into the deciding third game.

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But while Hikaru seemed to tire, Abhimanyu stepped up another gear, as he won the game and eventually the match 6-1, 4-6, 6-1.


Abhimanyu is the first Indian to have won the Rendezvous a Roland-Garros. His historic feat has given him the opportunity to play in the French Open, a lifelong dream of his. He will enter the main draw, as the first ever wildcard entry from India.

Fate has played a large part in this story, as Abhimanyu was originally not supposed to even be in Paris. He had earlier lost the regional finals to top-ranked Under-18 player Siddhant Banthia. Banthia then unfortunately got injured, which sidelined him for a few weeks. His misfortune gave Abhimanyu a second chance, one that he has grabbed with both hands.

Now all eyes will be on Abhimanyu, as he attempts to be the first Indian to win the Boy’s French Open.

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