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Apex Legends Cross-play: When is Apex Legends Cross-play Beta coming out?

Gautham Balaji

Apex Legends Cross-play Beta from Oct 6

 Apex Legends Cross-play: When is Apex Legends Cross-play Beta coming out? The highly requested cross-play feature will soon come to Apex Legends. Below, you can find all the latest details about this update and when it will be available for players.

Apex Legends will soon be getting the cross-play feature. This means that players on PC, PS4 & Xbox can team up & play together. Developer Respawn Entertainment has confirmed the news. Initially, it will be available on Origin for PC for the Beta version. Later, it will also be available on Steam.

Respawn has said that if an “Xbox One or Playstation 4 player and PC player party up together, they will be put into PC matches. This ensures that the console games don’t have PC players in them, but still allows for the console player to play with their PC friend if they opt-in.”

When is Apex Legends cross-play Beta releasing?

So, when will this cross-play feature be available for players?

Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that the cross-play feature will go into Beta testing from October 6. However, they did not mention anything about Nintendo Switch being a part of the cross-play update.

Cross-play will be enabled by default & players can opt to turn off the feature if they wish to do so. But, then you will be matched only with players who have disabled cross-play. This will result in long queue times for the players warned Respawn.

In addition to cross-play, there will also be an alternate collection event titled Flashpoint where you can get exclusive rewards.

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