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Arsenal News: Dead body found in Arsenal star’s house

Archungshang Thouman
|Mon Jul 29 2019

Arsenal News: Dead body found in Arsenal star’s house as the Gunners’ bizarre week continues. Police are currently investigating the matter.

If you’re an Arsenal fan, this summer must have felt like a roller coaster with all it’s ups and downs. Following a pathetic season that saw the Gunner’s place out of the top 4, even below Tottenham, and then lose the Europa league final to Chelsea, Arsenal are looking to recuperate and pose a greater challenge this season.

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The rebuilding though, seemed difficult or perhaps even impossible at one point as news broke that Arsenal only had 40 million in their kitty. To make matters worse, Arsenal’s top summer target, Wilfried Zaha, became unattainable as Crystal Palace valued him at almost double the amount they had. This meant that the London side had to look elsewhere. And that is exactly what they did.

Arsenal reinforce their arsenal

Amidst the disappointment of missing out on Zaha, Arsenal quietly raked up wins in their pre-season tour winning their fans confidence and followed that up by bringing in Dani Ceballos from Real Madrid and William Saliba from St. Etienne.

While Arsenal managed to bring in two players, they almost lost two of their own as Mesut Ozil and Sead Kolasinac found themselves amidst a robbery attempt. Kolasinac won the hearts of the Twitterverse after video of him attempting to fight the knife wielding thugs bare handed.

More Jubilance was to follow as news broke out that Arsenal had managed to sign Lille star winger Nicolas Pepe. This solved their winger problem and there is no longer any need to sign Zaha from Palace. However, in what has been a theme this summer, Arsenal’s bizarre week refuses to slow down.

Weekend at Elneny’s

News has come out that a dead body has been discovered at Arsenal midfielder Mohammed Elneny’s house. His father made the discovery. The body was found at his house in Egypt that is currently under construction.

According to Italian newspaper Gazetta, Elneny’s dad immediately notified the authorities after he discovered the ‘lifeless body inside his son’s home’. The body and the cause of death is yet to be identified. Egyptian authorities have opened an investigation and are currently looking into matters.

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