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Arsene Wenger admits he seriously considered leaving Arsenal this summer

Siddharth Nair

For a man who has achieved so much in the game, Arsene Wenger’s current plight is not something that anyone wishes to see.

The classy Frenchman was once hailed a visionary, who revolutionized the way English football was run. His methods and football science were soon adopted by every other club in country, which is why he is still held in such high esteem by his peers.

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Unfortunately for Wenger and Arsenal fans, it looks as if time has passed by Wenger, as he now looks a shadow of his former self. His stubbornness to refuse change has become detrimental to Arsenal football club, the club that he so dearly loves.

Ian Wright recently said that watching Wenger’s downfall is like watching Holmes beating down an old and broken Ali in the boxing ring. Sadly, he is right.

Wenger had a chance to leave at the end of last season. The Arsenal boss was under an incredible amount of pressure, something that no manager other than Wenger would have survived.

After miraculously winning the FA Cup at the end of last season, some believed that this would be perfect chance for Wenger to leave on a high. And now it is being reported that Wenger did seriously consider leaving his post after the FA Cup win.

“Yes I hesitated about signing a new contract for personal reasons. I have been at Arsenal for 20 years and I ask myself all the time if I should continue to run the club. And also because we struggled a lot last season.”

Wenger was also open to the possibility of coaching another club,

“There have been contacts with PSG. Coaching a different club would be possible.”

Only time will tell if Arsene made the right decision.

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