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Ashwin unveils a novel and exciting Cricket Manager game

Sivaramakrishnan S

Ashwin has joined with Wisden India to co-create a cricket game, Cric-Trade that is developed along the lines of Fantasy Cricket. Indians have a huge craze on cricket and slowly over the time, this has helped in getting more people to play fantasy cricket. With EA sports suspending its Cricket series, fantasy cricket which was initially limited to Europe and Australia, has become the most played cricket game in the world. Moreover, the Rio Olympics 2016 has come to an end and the interest in cricket is once expected to pick up and hence the developers have realized that this is the right time for capitalizing on the customers’ interests and cash-in.

Ashwin has co-created Cric-Trade along with Wisden
Ashwin has co-created Cric-Trade along with Wisden India

Unique Game

The game, rightly named ‘Cric-Trade’ for reasons as follow, is unique in its own way. Similar to a Fantasy game, one of the gamers create a group and other gamers join this group. The similarities end there.

In fantasy cricket, all the gamers select their playing eleven with the allocated funds and has no connection whatsoever with the other gamers of the group. However in Cric-Trade, all the gamers of a group enter the auction before every game. Every gamer acts as a manager of a franchise, very much similar to the owner of an Indian Premier League franchise and bids for each player using his allotted fund. The one with the highest bid gets the player to play for his team. In this way, each cricket player can play for only one of the franchises in each group, the one which has bid the maximum for him. This game is more realistic, as it is based on the demands of the market unlike fantasy cricket where the price for each player is fixed.

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Benefits for the Gamer

The idea of this game is really a novel one as it has addressed the main deficiency in normal Fantasy Cricket. When a Virat Kolhi or Chris Gayle is on song, almost 90% of the fantasy teams in the world will have either one or both of them. This had reduced the disparity in the points of each gamer. However, in ‘Cric-Trade’ by making the gamers bid, it’s impossible for more than one gamer per group to get his hands on a particular player. This will create a significant difference in the points each gamer gets. Additionally, it will be a test of every individual’s risk taking appetite and managerial skills.

How to start Playing:

Users need to register their teams at to join the game and be eligible for the bidding process.

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