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Bernardo Silva reveals Cristiano Ronaldo told Portugal teammates to make huge donation to fight coronavirus

Tanish Chachra

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Bernardo Silva reveals that Cristiano Ronaldo suggested his national teammates to donate a huge part of Euro qualifier bonus.

Bernardo Silva in his recent interview talked about Cristiano Ronaldo’s generous move to fight the Coronavirus as he suggested Portugal’s teammates to donate 50% of their Euro qualifier bonus to fight Coronavirus.

“Actually he was the one, two or three days ago, that gave us the idea to donate our bonus. So we qualified for the 2020 Euros, which now is in 2021,” Silva said it during a conversation with the Bleacher report.

“And he gave us the idea let’s donate part of our bonus, so I think our national team, our players will donate 50 per cent of our qualifying bonus. And yeah, he’s been very active sending us messages, but not kicking people out like Kyle.”

That bonus will go to the fund created by the Portugal Football Federation to help non-professional clubs stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A statement from the Portuguese Federation later confirmed: “In this spirit of camaraderie between professional and non-professional football, we have decided, as a team, to give up part of our Euro 2020 qualification prize money.

“We have also decided because we have not forgotten our own paths and all those who have generously helped us to make progress in our careers, that these amounts will be added to the support fund already created by the FPF (Portuguese federation) aimed mainly at players from non-professional competition clubs.”

Bernardo Silva: It was Ronaldo’s idea to donate 50% of Portugal’s Euro Qualifying Bonus from r/soccer

Portugal at present are the defending champions of the continental tournament and were going to defend their title in this edition of the competition.

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However, due to the spread of the Coronavirus, UEFA postponed the competition to the following year. The competition is yet to have its final 24 teams as football was suspended right before the final international break ahead of the final competition.

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