Bobby Madley requests Manchester United to host Bury Vs Bolton

Tanish Chachra
|Published 28/08/2019

Bobby Madley requests Manchester United to let Bury Vs Bolton happen at the Old Trafford after the liquidation of Bury on Tuesday.

Bury FC are amidst its extinction with EFL’s decision to expel the club their late takeover bid by C&N Sporting Risk collapsed amidst financial crises.

On the other hand, Bolton have also been given an ultimatum to find an owner to acquire funds in 14 days to avoid the fate similar to Bury.

Both the teams were scheduled to play on 8th September, but Bury’s closure has made it practically impossible. Thus, former referee took on twitter to request Manchester United to allow both the clubs to play at the Old Trafford.

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“Bolton due to play Bury in a couple of weeks. If both teams go out this week perhaps that game should still go ahead at Old Trafford.” wrote Madley on Twitter.

“All proceeds to unpaid players and staff. Sell the place out with football fans of every club and stand together.”

The idea seems to be great as for both the teams, Old Trafford is reachable and considering the Old Trafford is the grandest and most historic stadium in England, it seems as a good gesture.

Madley has gathered massive support online just few hours after his tweet, as many like him, who empathize with Bury want Manchester United to help both the clubs play their final match with a special ending.

Meanwhile, Bury FC owner Steve Dale has been branded a ‘disgrace’ for comments he made on Bury and his negligence towards the club as an owner, in an interview that recently went viral.

Staff members and players are not paid since months at both the clubs, and with the clubs about to shut down, thousands of lives will certainly will be affected, as they won’t have their clubs anymore.

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