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Bodybuilding Legend Arnold Schwarzenegger Unveils a Unique Method for Leg Extensions to Achieve Better Gains

Rahul Goutam Hoom

Bodybuilding Legend Arnold Schwarzenegger Unveils a Unique Method for Leg Extensions to Achieve Better Gains

Gymgoers are no strangers to restless leg days. While many individuals avoid these exercises because they eliminate their ability to walk, those who are serious about their leg physique hold such exercises in the highest regard. Generally, during leg workouts, an individual uses a leg extension machine for their quads. However, Arnold Schwarzenegger provided a new approach to the famous exercise for increased muscular growth in his newsletter.

In the traditional version of the exercise, a person sits on the machine with their torsos upright, their legs bent about 90 degrees, and their shins against the machine’s pad. Yet, as the workout concentrates solely on the quadriceps femoris (also known as the quads), this fresh approach may be particularly beneficial, as the Austrian Oak writes:

“If you want to build more muscle in your quads, new research suggests changing the angle to your torso and leaning back when doing leg extensions can help your legs grow like never before.”

According to the bodybuilding great, the research proposes adjusting the angle of the body during the specific workout. The amount one’s hips can bend has a significant impact on the muscles inside the legs, known as the rectus femoris.

Schwarzenegger further claims that flexing the hips while sitting straight at a 90-degree angle causes the aforementioned muscles to contract. Moreover, he also insisted that this approach significantly increases muscular growth, saying,

“The study found that flexing your hips less (by leaning back at a 40-degree angle) increases muscle growth in your quads by up to 170 percent.”

The Terminator actor points out that the aforementioned analysis was not the first to uncover such a strategy, as previous studies had discovered that adjusting to hip flexion resulted in increased muscle activation. However, some people may find all of these activities exhausting and lack the motivation to go to the gym and work out.

Well, Arnold Schwarzenegger has a simple procedure to gain this willpower.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s suggestion to never to skip a gym session

This time, Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t present any specific studies to his community because he believes that adhering to a gym regimen doesn’t simply require willpower and motivation. The Terminator star wants his ‘village’ members to block their demands and develop a habit of working out.

If an individual is to incorporate this entire routine into their day-to-day schedule, then it will become an additional task for them to perform. Hence, they will involuntarily focus on the goal of achieving the highest potential level of physical fitness.

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