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Arnold Schwarzenegger Busts a Long-Standing Myth Around Plant-Based Protein Being Inferior for Muscle Growth

Rahul Goutam Hoom

76-Year-Old Bodybuilding Icon Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals 'The Right Foods' to ‘Improve Your Gut Health Significantly’

Protein is always highly valued in the world of bodybuilding since it provides the necessary nutrients for muscular growth. When it comes to prioritizing consumption, the community has always valued animal-based protein over any other type of nutrition. However, Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed in his newsletter that plant-based protein may be a superior alternative that the fitness industry has long avoided.

According to the former bodybuilder, there are numerous studies, most of which are out of date, that demonstrate that animal protein is more effective than plant protein. This narrative needs to change, given that plant-based protein powder has proven to play a crucial role, as he notes:

“A new study found that plant protein powder increased muscle protein synthesis after a workout just as much as whey protein.”

Whey protein is a popular supplement among fitness enthusiasts, and it is used in conjunction with resistance exercise to increase muscle protein synthesis and lean muscle mass. The protein also claims to have additional benefits, including weight loss and cholesterol reduction.

According to Schwarzenegger, it was earlier a case that whey protein included more important amino acids than plant-based protein powders; however, several studies show that as the industry developed, plant-based proteins also experienced significant growth over time.

Multiple plant proteins, such as pea and rice, can also be consumed to obtain a similar amino acid composition. The Austrian Oak further explains that experts have shown that 32 grams of plant protein produce the same results as traditional-based proteins:

“And it’s not just that your body reacts similarly; the results should also follow. Other research found similar muscle and strength gains for people who follow a plant-based and omnivorous diet.”

The former bodybuilder also advises his ‘village’ members not to let personal preferences prevent them from taking the necessary steps to achieve their fitness goals. Plant-based proteins are not only natural but also give many of the same benefits as animal-based or whey proteins. However, the 76-year-old once suggested that people include protein in their breakfasts to get the most out of the nutrient.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Unveils the Reason Behind Adding Protein in the Morning Meal

Breakfast may not seem as vital as lunch or dinner, but there’s no harm in reaping the most benefits from it. According to Arnold Schwarzenegger, incorporating protein during breakfast has been linked to increased muscle gain.

On average, an individual should have 20 to 40 grams of protein with each meal of the day. However, the morning protein-rich breakfast outperformed all other meals throughout the day. Consumption of high-quality protein also produced a distinct PDCAAS (protein digestibility corrected amino acid score) result.

Schwarzenegger also suggests his ‘village’ members consume 1.8 to 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight each day. And for those who truly want to stick to the morning protein diet, they can eat 30–60 grams with their breakfast.

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