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Arnold Schwarzenegger Explains Why Consuming Carbohydrates in Your Post-Workout Meal Might Not Be the Best for Muscle Protein Synthesis

Rahul Goutam Hoom

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Pre- and post-workout meals have long been a matter of discussion among fitness aficionados. While personal preferences and professional perspectives vary on the topic, a few ingredients consistently hold high value in all types of meals. With an abundance of options, the community remains confused, but as always, Arnold Schwarzenegger is there to help his ‘village’ members and clear the confusion.

In one of his newsletters, the 76-year-old explains how combining protein and carbohydrates was the traditional approach for preparing post-workout meals. These two food components are highly regarded in the community because they help the body recover from exercise by delivering the nutrients it requires.

However, while the entire technique has no known detrimental effects on the human body, Schwarzenegger notes that it is outdated, as he writes:

“New research suggests you don’t need a significant amount of carbs (or sugar) immediately after your workout.”

The Austrian Oak explains that the recommendations to prioritize carbs over protein were made for individuals who focused on long-distance endurance training. These workouts used to take hours, and because they depleted a lot of energy, the nutrients were necessary to speed up the recuperation.

Schwarzenegger, on the other hand, believes that those who perform brief exercises focusing on pure strength do not need to consume as many carbs. He emphasizes that protein is a vital nutrient because it improves recovery, but owing to previous studies, certain individuals believe adding carbs will aid in protein synthesis. However, the former bodybuilder emphasizes the new research again, showing the previous concept as inaccurate, writing:

“The most recent study found that extra carbs — before or after a workout — do not support muscle protein synthesis or additional muscle growth.”

The Terminator star also claims that carbohydrates are not necessarily hazardous to one’s health. If someone feels the need to incorporate it into their diet, they can do so, but he advises against overdoing it. In the end, it all boils down to the exercise they undergo and how many nutrients they will require to replenish their energy.

Dietary practices always result in improved recuperation, which is the most important aspect of bodybuilding. However, Schwarzenegger provided a simple strategy to accelerate the process even faster.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Suggests Cold Exposure to Get Rid of Soreness

Any fitness enthusiast who follows an intensive exercise routine will experience soreness. There are numerous anti-inflammatory medications available to help prevent this phenomenon and promote a healthy recovery process. However, as usual, Arnold Schwarzenegger advises his ‘village’ members to take a more natural approach, such as cold exposure.

According to him, this is the most effective approach to accelerate muscle repair and reduce excessive soreness. He discusses a study in which participants had cold water immersion, warm water immersion, active recovery, and massage. Those who chose cold water immersion had superior results because it reduced discomfort, and inflammation, and repaired muscle damage.

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