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Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals the Best Way to Define Washboard Abs With a Special Exercise

Radha Iyer

Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals the Best Way to Define Washboard Abs With a Special Exercise

While individuals get into fitness with different goals and objectives in mind, getting a good set of abs is one of the common demands set by many. Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted to help people achieve this and showed his village the ideal exercise to get there.

Unlike crunches or bicycles that encourage a burn in the core, Schwarzenegger wanted people to try cable rope crunches instead. Offering a full range of motion while working the core, this exercise had just a bit more effect. It acted as another group of exercises that could help define one’s existing body structure.

Cable rope crunches could easily go wrong, and Schwarzenegger wanted to make sure that the exercise wasn’t dangerous in any way. He wrote down a set of instructions on his Instagram post, trying to figure out the best way to get the maximum output from the exercise.

For starters, he wanted people to engage their core while performing cable rope crunches in such a way that it did not harm the back. His video from yesteryear performing the exercise demonstrated how- by sitting and pulling the weight while arching the back and elbows.

“Exhale as you lower the weight and squeeze your abs at the bottom of the exercise (try to visualize each individual muscle in your 6-pack contracting).”

While this exercise is performed on the knees, Schwarzenegger warned people against sitting back on their heels for momentum. Since the goal was to engage the upper body, sitting back on the heels was a strict no-no.

“Don’t go so heavy that you need momentum. And don’t go so light that you could do 100 reps.
Aim for two to three sets of 6 to 15 reps.”

That is how one could obtain a good set of washboard abs and define them well in the process. However, to lose weight in order to get there, Schwarzenegger once shared a simple diet trick.

Arnold Schwarzenegger suggested the best reason to include protein shakes in one’s diet

Meal replacements could be a hit or miss, depending on their composition and how they contribute to gains. For optimum fat loss and better body definition, Schwarzenegger suggested trying out protein shakes.

Replacing a meal with a good protein-packed beverage could just be the trick to shedding some pounds while also promoting muscle growth. Ideally, Schwarzenegger suggests swapping one of the challenging meals, which is breakfast or lunch, with the protein shake to witness favorable results.

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