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Arnold Schwarzenegger Spills the Secret to Manufacturing Motivation

Radha Iyer

Arnold Schwarzenegger Spills the Secret to Manufacturing Motivation

Life often comes full of challenges, and while one could cross them all to achieve various goals, it is crucial to be able to push oneself through them. This is why Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted people to find various pathways full of motivation and determination so they could get going at every hurdle.

In his recent newsletter, he introduced a quirky concept of “manufacturing motivation”, where he introduced the joys of small wins. To be able to look at the bigger picture, small celebrations were necessary to keep an individual motivated. Therefore, these minuscule tasks marked successfully could play a bigger part in fueling one’s fire.

Highlighting a study on ‘Understanding the subtext of business performance’, Schwarzenegger explained why one must track their little achievements daily. This activity ensured more productivity and success in the long run as one always wants to up themselves.

Furthermore, it acts like a chain reaction leading to something grand since celebrating these small wins daily, adds up gradually. One develops the confidence to pull off tougher tasks on hand and is not afraid of making mistakes.


“While big achievements increase motivation more than small achievements, they are fewer and farther between.”

The idea is to not wait for long to celebrate what deserves to be cherished. Any delay in the activity might result in frustration mounting up to significant levels, thus affecting the sense of accomplishment.

“Get your win, write it down, celebrate, ride the momentum into tomorrow, and keep repeating the process.”

Since these wins could be as small as successfully going on a walk after a long break or helping a co-worker with a difficult task, it shouldn’t be too difficult to pinpoint at one. One mustn’t wait for something grand to be able to note down.

Arnold Schwarzenegger once talked about celebrating small wins in fitness

Something similar that Schwarzenegger once talked about, specifically in terms of fitness, was his advice to his mobile app users. ‘The Pump’ was a community that encouraged inclusivity and curated a safe space for people to be open about their struggles. He took pride in the small village he had created and once emphasized how motivation often influenced training.

Celebrating the small wins in the gym could pave the path for bigger and better gains and fast-track one’s goals. It didn’t always have to be a PR and instead could be something like going from zero pushups to one. Sharing it with the community could also motivate others to get going with their small goals and wins, thus starting the domino effect.

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Radha Iyer

Radha Iyer


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