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Bodybuilding Icon Arnold Schwarzenegger Debunks Misconceptions About Seed Oils

Rahul Goutam Hoom

Arnold Schwarzenegger and His Pump Club Team Unveil the Best Practices for a Good Night’s Sleep

There are several dietary options available in the fitness world. While some people accept health experts’ recommendations, newcomers are often overwhelmed not only by the choices but also by the myths that surround them. This time, Arnold Schwarzenegger discussed seed oils and how they have recently become a hot issue, in his newsletter.

Canola, sunflower, grapeseed, cottonseed, safflower, soybean, and corn oils are common types of seed oils. According to numerous studies available on the internet, it can cause inflammation when used to prepare ultra-processed foods. However, the former bodybuilder finds a fresh study that proves the exact opposite of the claims, as he writes:

“Seed oils did not increase inflammation or oxidative stress when calories were controlled.”

According to Austrian Oak, these oils also include omega-6 fatty acids, which are necessary for proper brain function, growth, and development. However, because they are not produced within the human body, individuals must receive them through food sources. The rise in obesity, which affects not only the United States but the entire world, has brought these seed oils under public scrutiny.

Schwarzenegger acknowledged that many ultra-processed foods are excessive in calories and contain more vegetable oil. However, he also claims that it is difficult to identify whether the inflammation is caused by the oils or the user’s excessive calorie intake. Olive oil is another popular product that many fitness experts recommend, but Schwarzenegger provides a full comparison between it, canola, and many other oils, as he writes:

“The research found that canola oil significantly reduced total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, LDL/HDL ratio, TC/HDL ratio, apolipoprotein B (Apo-B) & Apo-B/Apo-A1 ratio compared to all other oils (those are all good outcomes). And it even outperformed olive oil in some situations.”

The Terminator star also cited another study that compared two distinct groups. While one side consumed saturated fat (butter), the other preferred polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs), also known as vegetable or seed oils, and the researchers made certain that no one in either group overate. As he states, the results favored the side of seed oils:

“Those who ate seed oils reduced liver fat and insulin and showed no signs of inflammation compared to the saturated fat (butter) group.”

While the research lasted only 10 weeks, which may concern some, Schwarzenegger insists that there is no need to overthink it. It clearly demonstrates that seed oils are considerably superior in terms of metabolic effects, and they can be simply incorporated into any diet. He even states that the majority of dietary fats are monosaturated fats, such as those found in olive oil, avocados, nuts, and seeds.

However, the Austrian Oak advises his ‘village’ members to have LDL cholesterol and ApoB tests if they are concerned about their saturated fat consumption. He never encourages his community to be concerned or overthink specific situations. Although life has a way of piling up problems on people, he has proposed a simple technique to minimize stress and anxiety.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals the Hidden Benefits of Coloring

In his newsletter, the former bodybuilder discusses how drawing or coloring can help reduce anxiety, increase focus, and boost overall mood. It includes so many positive components that it causes the body to produce dopamine. Because the hormone is related to pleasure, satisfaction, and even motivation, all of these things help to lower stress and anxiety levels.

Arnold Schwarzenegger explains that if someone is unable to devote time to certain fitness regimens, they can easily practice coloring at home. Simply being artistic, which might involve drawing, coloring, doodling, or painting, can easily stimulate dopamine, which always leads to a sense of happiness in one’s life.

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