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“Do Nuts Support Fat Loss or Fat Gain?”: Bodybuilding Legend Arnold Schwarzenegger Answers the Burning Question

Rahul Goutam Hoom

Arnold Schwarzenegger and His Pump Club Team Unveil the Best Practices for a Good Night’s Sleep

People often consume nuts as part of their daily diet. You can either eat them raw or add them to certain foods to enhance their flavor. However, despite their small size, these nuts have a high number of calories when compared to other foods. This element has also piqued Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s interest, as he has shared his thoughts in his newsletter, supporting his claims with research studies.

The 76-year-old responds to a question, “Do nuts support fat loss or fat gain?” Because nuts contain a high number of calories, many fitness enthusiasts regard them as too heavy to consume, potentially causing an imbalance in their diet. However, according to the bodybuilding great, food reacts radically differently in a human body, as he states:

“New research suggests that your body absorbs fewer calories from nuts than what’s on the nutrition label.”

The Austrian Oak describes how scientists conducted 86 randomized controlled examinations. These research studies looked at more than half a million people who ate nuts on a daily basis and observed their eating habits, hunger, and weight changes. Schwarzenegger also provides a brief explanation of the results, which turn out to be beneficial, writing:

“Even though nuts are very caloric, those who ate nuts were nearly 10 percent less likely to be overweight or obese, and the research found that nut consumption is not associated with gaining weight or body fat.”

Despite all of the benefits he has detailed, he wants his ‘village’ members to keep one thing in mind: this research does not support excessive nut eating. Anything that is heavily consumed in the human body contributes to calories, and nuts contain a lot of them, which can directly lead to weight gain.

The former bodybuilder also provides a simple example, stating that if someone consumes 170 calories from almonds, they will only gain roughly 130 calories. Schwarzenegger highlights the benefits of nuts even further, writing:

“Research also suggests that nuts are associated with weight loss because they increase fullness and decrease hunger.”

The Austrian Oak emphasizes that nuts can only offer benefits when consumed in moderation. And, when it comes to how much food to ingest, he says one hand is enough. He also encourages his ‘village’ to include nuts in their diets during specific snack times. When it comes to food consumption, Schwarzenegger has his own list of favorite foods based on their health benefits, and fibers are among them.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best recommendation to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart diseases

Heart disease and diabetes are on the rise as a result of excessive junk food consumption and poor eating habits. However, Arnold Schwarzenegger believes that fiber is the most effective treatment for many ailments.

He presented an overview of 185 studies, stating that those who consume a high-fiber diet are 20% less likely to develop diabetes and more than 30% less likely to die from coronary heart disease. The Terminator actor also claims that ingesting just 10 grams of fiber can provide such dramatic results. However, he has urged his ‘village’ to consume 30 to 35 grams of fiber per day from any fruit or vegetable linked with it.

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