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Does Snacking Help You Lose Weight? Arnold Schwarzenegger Answers With Science-Backed Evidence

Rahul Goutam Hoom

Arnold Schwarzenegger Defends Artificial Sweeteners Against Cravings for Their Potential Health Benefits

In terms of weight loss advice, there is no better person to listen to than Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Terminator puts his two cents on the table regarding the timeless snacking issue. Of course, he sharply reduces all commonly held beliefs about this issue, providing the audience with a rational yet innovative view of how the strategic snacking policy can help achieve the desired result – to lose weight.

The bodybuilder notes in his newsletter, the long-standing recommendation from nutritionists that people eat snacks or small meals occasionally to manage or lose weight. But using his extensive knowledge of the fitness sector, he stresses scientific research and writes:

“However, research found that eating more frequently does not boost metabolism when calories and macros are equal.”

The Austrian Oak goes on to clarify that there are misconceptions surrounding this topic, with some studies suggesting that individuals mistakenly believe that snacking is the cause of weight gain. However, he stresses that the frequency of any kind of meal is less important than what the user is consuming.

Weight gain will only happen if the consumer goes for a treat like chips, candy, or cookies. Healthy and natural options such as fruits, nuts, popcorn, and many more can easily counteract this phenomenon. To give his ‘village’ members an assurance on snacking, he writes:

“If you’re enjoying healthier options, research has found that snacking does not seem to promote weight gain.”

The star goes on to say that one-year randomized controlled research with obese participants found that those who ate snacks three times a day gained no additional weight compared to those who did not eat any extra meals. Anything healthy is always beneficial to an individual’s body, and the more positives that occur in an organized way, the better.

The number of meals might not necessarily affect the gain of weight but the quality and type of food taken has a great influence on the health of an individual. This leads us to another aspect of nutrition that Arnold Schwarzenegger stresses in his fitness regime. Moving beyond the timing of meals, he concentrates on the types of supplements that can help in building muscles and strength, especially for those who want to have better physical performance.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Emphasizes the Benefits of Protein Powders

Protein powders have fans and haters, who give them a mixed look for anyone new to the fitness realm. However, even though it is expensive, Arnold Schwarzenegger wants his ‘village’ members to add it to their nutritional regime, as whey, milk, and soy protein are more effective at helping individuals build muscle and strength as they age.

Due to protein powder’s unique quality in helping older people, researchers looked at 78 clinical trials involving participants over the age of 40. While the product did assist them with muscle and mobility gain, the bodybuilder also wants to add resistance training with it, to reap the maximum benefits.

The researchers further analyzed six sources of protein, including whey, milk, soy, casein, peanuts, and beef, with over 5,000 participants and revealed that the total consumption of protein per day is more important than the source it is coming from or the time when the consumer consumes it.

Schwarzenegger also stresses that as humans age, they tend to lose muscle mass, which in the long run can cause issues with mobility and the overall quality of life. So, to avoid such ailments with an early precaution, he suggests members get whey protein from their trusted source and also issues a warning to avoid any kind of cheap and low-rated products for their health.

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