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Dr. Mike Israetel Offers Expert Insight on WWE Star John Cena’s Lower Body Training: “This Is Officially Impressive”

Rahul Goutam Hoom

Dr. Mike Israetel Offers Expert Insight on WWE Star John Cena’s Lower Body Training: “This Is Officially Impressive”

John Cena’s latest performance at Wrestlemania 40 amazed many people and fans. Though he didn’t stay long in the ring, the action he showcased was sufficient for everyone to relive the time he participated in the WWE. Holding an interesting physique, exercise scientist, Dr. Mike Israetel recently discussed the WWE star’s lower body training on his YouTube channel, Renaissance Periodization.

At the start of the video, John Cena uses a machine to perform glute ham raises. The intense procedure the WWE star is undergoing startled Israetel. He points out that because Cena works in professional wrestling, his training regimen is appropriate.

Israetel, however, has some criticism for Cena, saying that he needs to hold his position throughout the exercise to grow muscle. As a result, the hamstrings will expand healthily, reducing their vulnerability to injury.

John Cena’s next workout is low-bar squats at 277 kg (610.68 lb). This immediately piqued Dr. Mike’s interest. According to him, the WWE star’s position was far lower. This is also a difficult workout, and Israetel appreciates it, as he states:

“This is officially impressive. Very few people can do this. So of all the fake f****** b******* workouts we’ve seen on this show on this channel, this ain’t one of them. John Cena is the real f****** deal. One does not simply do something like this.”

Dr. Mike even compliments Cena on his training gear. Knee sleeves, weightlifting shoes, and a weightlifting belt complete this apparel. The video’s following segment shows the WWE star performing deadlifts, and Israetel has no complaints about it.

Cena’s deadlifting technique is not meant to promote muscle growth, instead, to improve strength training. However, his high-bar full squat mesmerized Dr. Mike. The WWE star, John Cena received a 9/10 for his workout routine from the ‘exercise scientist’ because his position and devotion were spot on.

Dr. Mike has developed an intense admiration for John Cena’s approach to lower-body conditioning. Though he had witnessed many exceptional sportsmen in his time, the WWE star in the gym stands out. Cena focuses on strength training rather than muscular development because he is already enormous. Moreover, Dr. Mike once underlined the significance of recovery, stating that top athletes never miss a chance to rest up.

Dr. Mike Israetel’s thoughts on muscle hypertrophy of elite athletes

Every fitness enthusiast respects muscle hypertrophy or the healing process used in bodybuilding. This process is a natural attempt by muscles to heal themselves after an exercise, which results in them becoming bulkier.

Dr. Mike Israetel talks about how successful athletes give themselves enough time to recover and dedicate less time to the gym. Aside from the specific recovery period, these athletes strive to maintain a relaxed state of mind. This relaxed condition speeds up the healing process and visibly encourages the growth of muscles.

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