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“Make a Perfect Kingpin…”: How Does Former Strongman Brian Shaw Standing Next to Bodybuilders Look Like? Internet Reacts to a Resurfaced Video

Brandon Gabriel Isaacs

"Make a Perfect Kingpin...": How Does Former Strongman Brian Shaw Standing Next to Bodybuilders Look Like? Internet Reacts to a Resurfaced Video

Image Credits – Official Instagram account of Brian Shaw

Brian Shaw, the former world’s strongest man, is the epitome of strength and power. The 6’8 (415-pound) Strongman is a wonder in himself. If an average Joe stood beside Brian Shaw, he or she would look like a miniature person. And, at times, the same goes for even the biggest of bodybuilders. His musculature and towering stature would astound anyone who saw him.

Along similar lines, in a recently resurfaced video on the internet, he once made a few bodybuilding beasts look small. This happened when they stood next to him on a stage. Upon seeing the video, fans could not control their thoughts and shared their priceless reactions.

In the 2022 Mr. Olympia at Las Vegas, they invited the strongman Brian Shaw to announce the winner of the 212-pound category.
Shaun Clarida and Kamal El-Gargni were in the top three of the category, looking in prime form. When Shaw walked onto the stage, funnily enough, Clarida and El-Gargni looked small alongside Brian. Their build was not enough, as he overshadowed them with his height.

Although Shaun is 5’2 and El-Gargni is 5’7, it still gives an insane perspective on the sheer size Brian Shaw beholds. The strongman, who was just invited to announce the best in the category, became the talk of the show.

Fans reacted to the video in no time and were in high praise of the former world strongman for his massive build and height. The reactions, however, were priceless.

The internet was taken by storm as Brian Shaw overshadowed bodybuilders with his might

The resurfaced video took the internet by storm, and fans shared their emotions upon seeing this video. One fan commented, referring to the supervillain of the Marvel show Daredevil, and wrote, “Brian Shaw could make a perfect kingpin. He’d be amazing,” another fan wrote. One fan penned a funny comment: “Brian grabbed his head like a loving father to a son.”

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With more Marvel references coming in, one fan said, “I refuse to live in a world where Brian Shaw is not the Kingpin,” while another slyly wrote, “Brian Shaw humbled him without even trying.” One fan wrote, “We don’t normally see Brian next to normal-sized people he’s absolutely massive.”

Arguably, anyone who sees Shaw standing next to any other bodybuilder will inevitably look small due to the strongman’s height and structure. It would be surprising to see if, one day, any bodybuilder could match his stature and build.

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