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Mike Mentzer Once Exposed Why Building Biceps With EZ Curl Bars Is Bad

Rahul Goutam Hoom

Mike Mentzer Once Exposed Why Building Biceps With EZ Curl Bars Is Bad

One of the most typical things that fitness fanatics do is flex their biceps. It is natural for them to flex since they have worked hard to achieve those gains. However, some people may misunderstand how to build their biceps due to the many myths out there. A resurfaced audio tape of Mike Mentzer, which was uploaded to Heavy Duty College’s YouTube channel, highlights the fact that EZ curl bars are not the best way to strengthen biceps.

Many people who are serious about their workout routines are aware of the EZ curl bars. It is a common gym exercise, as the angled grip helps an individual focus on strengthening their biceps brachii in their workout, as per research.

But Mentzer had the exact opposite interpretation of the workout. This bicep-building regimen was not something he would approve of:

“What’s some more of the conventional wisdom? EZ curl bars for building biceps. It’s the worst thing in the world you can do for building biceps.”

Mentzer used the bicep muscle as an example to back up his claims. He clarified that it is not meant for flexing but rather for supination. Standing up straight with the elbow bent at a 90-degree angle is essential for the hand’s proper functioning. This is because it allows the hand to rotate the point of the palm in either an upward or downward direction.

The terms “supination” and “pronation” describe the corresponding motions, which go up and down, respectively. Mentzer, further stressed this particular movement process, saying:

“You can prove it to yourself. Put your hand in the gooseneck position, pull your arm back, put your other finger on your bicep. You’ll feel it’s not even tense; it’s soft. Now supinate the hand and see what happens.”

Mentzer intended to communicate that the EZ curl bar does the reverse motion. By insisting that his followers modify the way they train their biceps, he also provided a remedy and said:

“An EZ curl bar pronates the hand, takes the tension off the bicep. What you want to do is hypersupinate the hand. You’ve got to use at least a straight bar to work the biceps.”

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Mike Mentzer revealed his favorite arm training exercise

Mike Mentzer consistently challenged himself to his weight training limitations by adhering to HIT. In addition to sharing his training techniques with his fans, he once divulged his preferred arm workouts. Even with ideal preparation, it would not have been feasible for Mentzer to achieve his enormous arms.

Dips, concentrated curls, scot curls, and nautilus curls were some of his favorite exercises from his ideal training regimen. He thought dips were the most beneficial exercise out of all of them. If an individual wants to build their triceps to perfection, the late legend says dips are the way to go.

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