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Mike Mentzer Once Revealed How Brief Yet Intense Workouts Can Accelerate Muscle Building

Rahul Goutam Hoom

“Have Done Literally No Direct…Exercise”: Mike Mentzer Once Revealed the Secret to His ‘Highly Developed’ Forearms

In the world of bodybuilding, many fitness enthusiasts who frequently visit gyms or work out daily follow a specific program. Sometimes these individuals don’t even consider taking a break and train hard every day in order to acquire more muscle. However, one of Mike Mentzer‘s resurfaced audio tapes, published by Heavy Duty College on YouTube, indicates that workouts should be brief but intense to gain the most benefits from any type of workout regime.

There are numerous workouts accessible in the fitness industry. Whether it’s cardio or weight training on free weights or Nautilus machines, Mentzer has always advocated pushing oneself to failure with each session.

The late icon was a pioneer of HIT; therefore, he was well-versed in how this technique works for individuals. While any gymgoer may believe that exercising for long hours and lifting more and more weights with additional sets will result in a lot of muscle mass, Mentzer explains that this is entirely untrue:

“You can train either hard or you can train long but you can’t train hard and long.”

The late legend also simplified his remarks by setting a natural example for his followers. Apart from bodybuilding, Mentzer wants his listeners to take a scenario in another sport, which is track and field.

He explains that the highest track length in Olympic sprinting is 400 meters, not 800 meters or a mile. Training hard for lengthy periods of time without taking rest is impossible for humans, just as sprinting for longer distances is.

Just as the late hero recommended training for a short but intense period, he also warned about the harmful effects of volume training.

Mike Mentzer and His Concerns With Volume Training

Any individual who engages in a workout for a prolonged duration contributes to the volume of that training regimen. Whether they opt for longer reps or more sets is entirely up to the person executing it. However, Mike Mentzer pointed out that each set has its own worth, and pushing even one set higher results in a 100% increase in workout volume.

The human body is entirely reliant on energy, and because it is consumed during workout sessions, preserving and employing it appropriately is critical due to the limited supply. If an individual pushes themselves too far beyond their boundaries, they may become exhausted. This can have a significant impact on their natural recuperation process after a tough workout because without hypertrophy, any type of training becomes pointless.

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